First we destroy, then we score!

bohnsen 7

Are you, like me, tired of Ash and Caprice combo? Are you tired of just sitting down, waiting for "the right time" to scor an agenda? Do you want to be more offencive, but Scorched Earth just isn't doing it for you anymore? Do you want to make your own scoring timing?! Well then my friends, sit down, and let me tell you about a deck, that makes it's own scoring windows. How do you ask? Well lets take a look:

Operation: Do you think Self-modifying Code is a buzzkiller? Well then, let me help you! Power Shutdown will get rid of that for only one credit! So now the shaper has no way of getting their breakers. Or what about killing that Faerie? Or maby even better, what about killing that one Coroder? This card is so good at sniping programs the runner needs to break into your server, that this card on it's own can make a scoring window. But it's not the only trick this deck got! (the other operations are just standard money operation, wich works very well in Blue Sun, because you can pick one pice of ice, and then you have money to play you'r Hedge Fund og Restructure)

Upgrades: Will-o'-the-Wisp. Lets say that you don't have your power shutdown to kill the SMC, then what do you do? Easy, you let the runner get their breaker, and then you put it back to their deck again! So powerfull, special if you can get that one Femme Fatale that was sitting on your Archer or Grim. This card can give you scoring window, both early in the game, and late in the game!

Asset: Now what do you do, if the runner has a full rig, and you don't have any way to destroy the programs? Well then, you make him spend his money on somthing that isn't an agenda, and then install the agenda afterwards! That is where GRNDL, Shattered Remains and Aggressive Secretary comes in. No one is running ambushs (especial Wayland decks), so they will be a nice suprice for the runner. And if they don't run the trap? Well then, remember that you ARE the sun, so just pick it up, and try again later. Or install GRNDL and get a ton of money! Or sneak out an Agenda! Everything goes! (and then yes, 3 Jackson, because I'm not insane, I know Noice is running arround)

Agendas: This is where the money comes from! For real, a lot of this decks credits comes from the Agendas. I can't say enough nice things about Oatown Renovation. You gain credits while scoring it, which keeps your scoring window open for the next agenda. Plus, if the runner sees you running faceup agendas, he may be less inclined to think that you are running ambushs. Geothermal Fracking and Hostile Takeover are also gives you a lot of money, but because of the bad pub, I run two Elizabeth Mills. You only need to find one of her, since you are the sun. (And three Atlas, because we all know how good this card is)

The ICE: This is a HUGE player in this deck. The Grail Ice helps you give any type of ice the "end the run" sub. This means that the runner needs an AI breaker, og ALL the icebreakers to get in to your server. Swordsman helps agianst the AI, and since the most common AI breaker is Faust (and he dosn't like 3 sub ice), the grail ice really works.

But the Grail ICE don't just stop the runner, it can also attack the runner, and with the help og Grim, Swordsman and Archer, no runner program is safe! (Changeling is in the deck to support the "make the runner find the right breaker, and then make him find another one" play style)

Notes: Why no blacklist? I don't like it! when the runner is missing a program, I want to scor an agenda, not set up to proteckt an asset. You need to hit the runner when it hurts, not stall for some late game. Trust me on this one (or don't, if you can make the blacklist work, well then sir, you are the boss!)

If you have anyting to say about this deck, please leave a comment, always looking for ways to improve :)