Harmony Counterstrike

bcavalier 258

Spend a lot of your turns clicking for creds, Mushin, or Install Adv Adv. Not a lot of ICE, but the most taxing/painful Jinteki could muster.

If/When the runner steals those big agendas, counterstrike hard. Otherwise, its score away, get yourself at game point. Fetals are just for show, never score them, only counterstrike bait/trap.

26 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

If that's your plan, I'm 90% positive that the Overwriters should be Refineries and the Ronins should be something that's useful without click/credit investment - Hedge Funds are jumping at me as an obvious omission.

To explain, Overwriters are cool and everything, but actually having enough money to push through two counterstrikes on the turn after they snag a 3-pointer is neck-breakingly critical. Since you're playing to 6 points, you get exactly one shot per game at this! So you really, really need to be prepared. And we're not talking petty cash here, either: to connect two counterstrikes, you need (M+L-1)x2 credits, where M is the runner's money and L is their link. Trying to smoke a Kate or Andy who has 5 credits (which is pretty much the best case scenario) requires you to have 10! Now imagine they actually saw at least one Punitive Counterstrike and know it's coming. How will you make that pile of money?

Also, with how little ICE you run, I'd probably switch those Inazumas for Wall of Thorns - just as taxing, and actually does something as the only ICE on a server.

Overall though, I can't help but think this would be better as Jin:RP. You're crippling yourself both with the lack of 3 inf for Jacksons (to recycle Snares) and with the actual ability (which causes you to only have one counterstrike window per game, instead of two). Just add 3 Jacksons, a Nisei and a piece of ICE, and you should be all set.

26 Feb 2014 x3r0h0ur

To be fair, making it so they have to run, and have to score, after you score 1 3 pointer can put the runner in a no-win situation. The problem I see is having 2-3 PC's in time. I think the identity isn't a clear cut wrong selection, I'd have to playtest it myelf.

I think the agenda layout is questionable. I'd do 6 3 pointers. Game or death. No in between.