Expo in Space

Shockingcat 99

It was time for a new deck, seeing that Universe of Tomorrow just came out, and there was a lot of cards good for supporting Gagarin. It was time to test it out. So far the deck is like something like 6-1.

As for the singleton Eli and Markus, someone was borrowing the Eli's and hasn't returned them so, I decided to proxy with Markus, got tired of proxing, so I just used it as is.

So far passive economy is pretty nice, on average the set up should be getting me at least 3 credits per turn. And due to the taxing nature of Gagarin, so far I noticed the runner doesn't really ever want to run and trash it, til its either too late, or letting themselves fall behind. As the deck itself can run pretty efficiently with little money.

Housekeeping vs Paywall Implementation: I have tested out the paywall, it just does not provide enough impact to the game. It does sound cool to have that two credit swing, but in the end, the runner doesn't exactly always run on the remotes. Therefore I decided to tryout Housekeeping, as it provides to be a relatively annoying thing. And generally has more impact on a game than paywall.

MVP so far Public Support and followed closely behind the Expo Grid, and of course honorable mention Contract Killer.

Public Support is a great 1 point, that either forces the runner to let me have it, trigger the archer later, or simply helping me getting closer to victory. Or they go in and attempt to trash it, and putting any sort of ice makes it quite costly.

Expo Grid is just a great way to make passive money, either with PAD Campaign on top or any other of asset. Provides a very nice passive economy.

Contract Killer, Kills #kati, enough said. Also sometimes kills runners who for some reason leaves their hand at 1.

The deck is fun to play with, does have some key weakness, like imps going around trashing expensive to trash assets. Not much you can against that, than try to play around it during game, even taking that time to purge.

11 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Why Elizabeth Mills? She doesn't seem to be doing much here and you could use the slots for Cyberdex Virus Suite or some other asset.

11 Sep 2015 Bobbydigital

@FarCryFromHuman I am going to try this out with Worlds Plaza instead of Elizabeth Mills and see how that works. Still forces the runner to pay to access but allows me to concentrate my ice a bit more. Also potentially saves some money on rezzing the PAD Campaign.

11 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Worlds Plaza makes me nervous but it's definitely safer in Gagarin than anywhere else. Let me know how it works out.

11 Sep 2015 Shockingcat

@FarCryFromHuman She is tech against Valencia and bad pub in general. Bad pub kills this deck.

11 Sep 2015 Bigguyforyou518

In a meta that sees Faust in 60% of runner decks, I don't see how you can justify Housekeeping in a vegan Gagarin deck. Paywall Implementation easily makes 3-8 credits per use, as well as getting rid of annoying currents like Hacktivist Meeting for 0's. It also protects you more against Imp spam, and stops Desperado/Security Testing criminals from laughing at you.

decks seem to be getting more and more popular, and Data and Destiny certainly isn't going to help that, so Negotiator seems like it could be a reasonable meta-replacement for Caduceus.

Other than as a generally decent asset, Daily Business Show seems out of place here. Sure, it shuffles agendas down when you don't want them, but it's usually intended to do double-duty digging out combo pieces like Midseason Replacements/Scorched Earth/etc, which you aren't running at all.

12 Sep 2015 ANRguybrush

@Bigguyforyou518 daily business show is always good.

12 Sep 2015 Shockingcat


I do agree that is becoming increasingly popular among runners, that is why I switched over to Negotiator, although testing Errand Boy as the possible replacement for Caduceus.

As for Daily Business Show I had the influence, so why not. It just doesn't need to be used for combos, it does shuffle my agendas away or searches for them when I do need them, also helps me find assets that I do want right away as well.

And Housekeeping I've been trying back and forth the Paywall Implementation and Housekeeping, and I've just found Housekeeping as been more impact to the game rather than gaining a couple of credits. Even if they are using Faust, its one less card to use for later, and if they are not using Faust, its still less cards for them to use.