Deus Ex - Polish Nationals Winner

prozz 852


I just won polish nationals with this deck. Going 5:1 on the first day and winning two close games in top 16.

Congrats to all players in top 16 and many thanks to my Poznań crew.

You never think about killing until opportunity arise. Your plan is to rush asap. Fast Tracking for Oaktown Renovation, rarely for Hostile Takeover. 1 pointers are there for runner to steal. 2 pointers are for you to score. Sometimes they may find a few points in archives too which may be unexpected for the runner and leads to quick wins. Posted Bounty is definitely helping forcing runner to make unprepared runs.

Card choices:

30 Aug 2015 Jander

Grats! How many kills compared to wins by 7 pts?

30 Aug 2015 prozz

during tournament afair all kills, but many of them was enabled by sitting on 5 points. my plan was just to score tho ;)

30 Aug 2015 Vanadium

I like how it looks, but not sure I get how to pilot it correctly. What's the general plan with this? Rush out an agenda, then use archers to get a posted bounty to kill them with? Or if they play too careful, you just score out behind an archer?

31 Aug 2015 Duxmar

What do you find yourself using fast track for most?

31 Aug 2015 prozz

edited description with answers

31 Aug 2015 psi_lifeup

How did you deal with Film Critic, or did it not see much play?

31 Aug 2015 Lupus Yonderboi

@psi_lifeup : I'm 3-months-late in the meta so I may miss something, but I don't see anything in this deck that Film Critic could screw over. It's including SEA Source, not Midseason Replacement, so no need for the Runner to steal to trigger it.

31 Aug 2015 Vanadium

@Lupus Yonderboi Argus's ability itself is turned off by Film Critic. However, having said that, I don't think Film Critic is highly destructive to this deck because they're spending 3 credits (1 to run, 2 to film critic) to steal a 1 point agenda. That's a pretty good tax right there if the runner decides to use Film Critic.

31 Aug 2015 Lupus Yonderboi

Thanks Myth, I missed that.

31 Aug 2015 hi_impact

The Argus tax is honestly quite wasteful if you bypass it with Film Critic. Especially on a one pointer. Though it is a real safety net for those last click runs.

Film Critic hasn't made it into tournament decks yet though. Kate has too much money and Noise has Imp.

1 Sep 2015 Inermis

Actually you prefer they use Film Critic. 2 clicks slowing down more than 1click/2credits for just remove a tag.

2 Sep 2015 flybywire

I just found out 26 cards in this deck come from..Core Set - how no to love ANR?!

2 Sep 2015 iloveMRT

@hi_impact not sure if you know what you are talking about. Film Critic was basicaly in every single deck at polish nationals.

5 Sep 2015 llama66613

Beautiful update to supermodernism. Why Meru Mati over ice wall?

5 Sep 2015 tonybluehose

@dominium, that's such a great point. Even as the card pool grows, the core set provides A LOT of what players will need to create a solid build.

7 Sep 2015 zozo

Great going with this deck! Lovely to see it. I played at a beginner's competition with a similar-ish deck a few weeks ago (here: and by chance, the winner of the main event that day was also running Argus (his deck here: It really seems like the successor to supermodernism, doesn't it?

A question: how did Wraparound work out for you? Is it just to force the runner to search for a fracter? Seems strange to import a barrier into Weyland, but if it's for that purpose, it makes a lot of sense!

8 Sep 2015 prozz

wraparound is anti AI tech.

8 Sep 2015 zozo

@prozz of course!

10 Sep 2015 Dydra

No Dedicated Response Team no Traffic Accident ... how often do you draw your Scorches on time? How do you burn through Plascrete Carapace ?

10 Sep 2015 prozz

as u can see often enough ;) no need to burn thru plascretes as most of the decks around contain film critic instead.

11 Sep 2015 NetrunningAmok

I have been having A TON of fun playing this deck. After a few games I decided to go -1 Snare and +1 Data Raven. It's mostly personal taste, but I love Data Raven in Argus. Makes those runs so taxing. While Snare is obviously a great card, hardly anybody runs last click against Argus, so the snares just don't seem worth it to me. I thought about taking out the other one for another SEA Source, but I haven't tried it yet.

Anyways, Thanks for the awesome list! And congrats on the tournament!

13 Sep 2015 prozz

Thanks for the kind words. Let me know how good 2 of SEA Source work for you. I like Snare! too much to remove it, also Gang Sign players hate it. Had 3 Data Ravens, but decided to use 2 inf for Faust hate ice. Any other ideas how to make Faust life miserable so inf for raven is back?

13 Sep 2015 prozz

Snare! is also invaluable R&D protection, math screwer and agenda bluffer :)

18 Sep 2015 Korrigan

Does a single Power Shutdown really help you? And what about Beanstalk Royalties vs Restructure?

18 Sep 2015 prozz

beanstalk is superior to restructure due to ability to get from low credits fast. once im 10+ credits i rarely need more.

power shutdown is there for smc/clone chip/zu/corroder. when it hits, it's great, when i dont see it it's fine. i wont put more tho as it's first card to cut when something better appears.

23 Sep 2015 NetrunningAmok

Sorry for the late response, I did take out the 2nd Snare!, but I wasn't sure how to use the 2 extra influence. A second SEA Source didn't make much of a difference. So far my favorite option has been splashing an Ichi 1.0. It has been catching people off guard and is great against Faust. I also went with -1 Archer and -1 Power Shutdown for +2 Will-o'-the-Wisp. Surprisingly it has been doing crazy work for me. You can bluff it as an agenda and throw their key breaker on the bottom of their stack. Most non-shapers have practically no way to retrieve it. Even if they have a way to retrieve it, it still slows them down, which this rush style deck loves. Anyways, let me know what you think. :D

2 Oct 2015 Kitescreech

Ive been running this for a few weeks now and I don't think Ive lost a game yet. Nearly always getting a kill to. Its a nasty, nasty deck and I love it.

I have wondered about a few tweaks, I may drop a snare for a data Raven. Also thinking about Tour Guide.