Weyland Deck: Core+1Deluxe v1.3 (newbie tournament 23/8/15)

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Sregge 67

Took to a newbie tournament that was core + 1 deluxe only. Placed 5th of 13, losing to the eventual 1st and 2nd place players

In the run-up, I liked both my Jinteki (Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within) and Anarch decks, so needed to opt for either criminal to run or weyland to corp. In the end I opted for Anarch/Weyland - as did the majority of players at the tournament! I think this deck was fairly typical of what people went for, but I really enjoyed creating it with a faction I wasn't as confident with... it really felt like it was coming together towards tournament time. I particularly enjoyed discovering that a single Cyberdex Virus Suite in archives could put off a Noise runner!

First game was against the eventual champion: Deck Here ... and it came down to a final run on R&D. I decided not to rez an archer protecting my R&D on the final run, as I wanted to save the money to score out my double-advanced and heavily-protected agenda, but my opponent saw 2 cards, 1 of which was the final agenda he needed. This was my favourite game of the tournament.

My second game was Scorching a relative newbie very late in the game (he had been playing for only a week or so), and my main anxiety was it going to time. Having said that, he started digging deep into my R&D towards the end and I could have thrown it away - so I got lucky here, where I was unlucky in the previous game.

My third game was fun but, sadly, it came down to a rules misunderstanding on my opponent's part - he got Snared! and I've Had Worse re-drew before it took all the damage.

My final game was against a local 'rival'. Deck Here After a frustrating runner game against him, he outplayed me this game. This included reading me like a pamphlet, whenever I tried to place Snare!s/Firmware Updates out in the open (was a bit agenda flooded - a common problem without Jackson Howard)

Overall, I was 2-2 for the day, but then I went home and beat my housemate at Football Manager Top Trumps, so came out up on the day. Thanks Terry Venables!

Very friendly opponents and great games... 10/10, will tournament again.