Ear to brain - ahh fresh meat

PeterPan 275

This is my backbone for the 16th place (out of 48 players) on German Nationals - qualifier day 1. Legal pack was up to underway. Six rounds of swiss.
While suffering with my runner (only two wins), this deck lost me only one game in first round, which was desastrous for both decks. While not finding any breakers with runner (last two cards of stack were two SMC's) i didn't found any agenda when the runner had no rig (Hayley).
Since then this deck was undefeated, all wins by flatline (Leela, PPVP-Kate, Noise, PPVP-Kate, Noise).
You wanna get rich and you wanna kill the runner
The Cleaners : more meat is always good (scored only one in tournament)
Project Atlas : is Atlas - search your missing piece
Oaktown Renovation : Making money right before the eyes of the runner and perhaps killing him for denying it, awesome addition (throwed hades and utopia fragment out). gets even more awesome when root is on table :)
Posted Bounty : Nice against rich runners, tagging when scoring or making them poor when runnning
Adonis Campaign : BS - shenanigans 1 click for 3 creds or for 6 with root out
Executive Boot Camp : fetching out asset when needed or rez ice on beginning of turn to move it to another server. I think its the weakest change i did, used it once to get root and once to scare the runner by searching the overwriter (sadly he destroyed it on HQ right afterwards.
The Root : Well this card is awesome - earning money while doing ur BS shenanigan or save money on ice install, agenda advancing etc. Very good addition (Thx to "The finger" for inspiring me)
Elizabeth Mills : Lizzy is meanly included against Val, but she didnt show up in tournament, also nicely to get rid of Aesop's Pawnshop^^
Jackson Howard : is Jacko - nothing more to say
Cerebral Overwriter : First piece to prepare ur kill, install-advance-advance is mostly 2 brains getting the runner on 3 handsize - good bye I've Had Worse (unless Plascrete Carapace is installed too)
Crisium Grid : situational use, HQ against legwork, Siphon, shard install etc R&D makers eye, medium, eater/keyhole (didn't show up)
I think these are obvious : Making money, killing combo, run-punishment for smc, NRE, clone chip etc.
Hive : awesome early-ice dripping creds, cards or lady-tokens
Curtain Wall : OAI-shenanigans / taxing like above
Spiderweb : three subs - thx
Fire Wall : nice-mid-range ice
Datapike : we want to lose the runner creds more than clicks, dont we?
Tollbooth: what did I say before?
Lotus Field: not so strong anymore, but still two cards with faust, perhaps I will replace it as first card to do
Caduceus : really strong early game, mostly gaining 3 for rezzing ice Taurus : get rid of these Plascrete Carapace (not often used)
Janus 1.0 : Yeah- I love this ICE in BS, mostly good for 1-2 brains and taxing like hell (except with E3) if the runner breaks it - want a 2.0-Version!

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