We Didn't Start The Fire v0.1

Feisty 2260

I've been having some fun with this ID.

Basic Idea is to have the runner dirt poor and tagged up.

Most decks I've seen so far spend all the influence on 3 Adonis and 3 Eve. I went a different direction and have had decent success.

The cards:

10 Vanilla Advertisements to rez early. Rebranding Team to change the other Aseets and Media Blitz to guarantee the effect.

A sly Test Ground to re-rez Ads as well as being a zero cost Asset that loses the runner a credit when you rez it with Rebranding Team. Might look into replacing this but so far it has been fun.

A couple Closed Accounts to make Tollbooth near impossible. Archangel fires almost every time and has been more useful in the long run than Keegan Lane. A 6 trace that bounces anything installed has been better value then trashing a program once.

Scorched Earth as another win condition and The All-Seeing I for extra board clear.

I will continue to test but so far it's pretty fun.

As always, I appreciate any suggestions and advice!



14 Aug 2015 hi_impact

Love it. Closed Accounts makes Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach sing.

When I got my Kati + Daily Casts + Aesops + whatever flowing I couldn't give two fucks about 1c. But when you reduce the Runner to 0 and they need those 3c to play anything, now we're talking.

Beats my Spark lists by a mile, you got the ICE down.

14 Aug 2015 hi_impact

I have my eye on Corporate Town, gimmick tagging with Breaking News and 24/7 News Cycle, and maybe a couple License Acquisition. Bring back the NEARPAD-style City Surveillance for lulz?

14 Aug 2015 Feisty

@hi_impact This Id has me thinking the most out of the 3 D&D. I love the idea of Corporate Town and City Surveillance in these decks.

15 Aug 2015 MouseChan

Why marked accts over pad campaign? Campaign is an advertisement by default and I expect the power of this ident is forcing the runner to start the game with 4 or even 3 credits. (Rez an advert on your turn and one at the start of theirs.)