spark of imagination v1

stoppableforce 575

First draft of a glacier-style Spark Agency that can operate in a couple different modes. The deck ideally operates in a rush fashion (trying to push out an early agenda with no protection upgrades behind a Little Engine, for instance) then eventually settles into a glacier-style once it finds its protection, gradually pinging the runner's money with advertisements (13 in the deck) to keep them on the back foot.

Or, if you want to get shot in the parking lot after the game, here's a fun thing to do to a runner: rez a Launch Campaign on your first turn, then any other campaign on their first turn. Now they're starting on 3c. Enjoy not playing Sure Gamble click 1!

Money: Adonis, Launch, PAD provide drip econ with Hedge and Sweeps for on-demand burst, Special Offer for Surprise, Suddenly I Have Money, and Pop-up Window because it does double duty in this deck, subtracting a credit on rez even if it gets Parasited.

Protection: Caprice and Red Herrings protect your agendas. Interns is primarily used for them. In a more tag-focused deck Red Herrings would probably be Keegan Lane, but in a more tag-focused deck this would probably be SYNC, Making News, or New Angeles Sol, not Spark Agency. Red Herrings is probably my least favorite card in this deck, and it's possible the deck should be 2 Ash/1 Herrings/1 Interns or 2 Ash/2 Interns or 2 Ash/1 Interns/1 anything else, but I think in a deck that focuses on steadily pinging at your economy, Herrings is probably an okay choice.

Plus paying 5 for a Global Food Initiative is just demoralizing.

Agendas: Astro is here because it's Astro. 15 Minutes is just mean. Global Food Initiative is worth spending influence on because it allows you the possibility of winning in 3 scores while the runner cannot win on less than 4. That's worth 3 influence to me. Rebranding Team is not included because it would only affect Jackson. A version of this deck that included Rebranding Team would probably want to run more resource econ (Marked Accounts, Reality Threedee) or just more useful assets (Early Premiere, Franchise Town), as well as Media Blitz to turn on the 'every asset is an advertisement' feature even if the runner steals it first.

Ice: It's admittedly pretty ice heavy, but two of the ice are only temporary and, given the pervasiveness of pop-ups, they may as well be temporary too. 1 Eli, 1 Lotus. Both of these have fallen off with the widespread inclusion of Lady and Faust, respectively. Wraparound for anti-AI shenanigans, Little Engine for rush games, Tollbooth for long games. Assassin is just a pretty mean tracer, and even without being core NBN or using Surveillance Sweeps, a big sentry with two relatively large traces is still pretty hefty to deal with. Turnpike is more steady money drip. Archangel is only a 1-of because it's just a cool trap thing I wanted to experiment with, but I don't think forcing the runner to put things back in their hand is that good unless you're, say, returning their sentry breaker right before they run into an assassin.

Other: DBS because speed is king. SanSan City Grid because maybe you can sneak out a fast advanced agenda here and there. It's probably the most flexible slot in the deck, but the possibility of just fast advancing in the face of an opponent who can outmoney you but didn't slot the Clot cannot be denied.

Thoughts and comments welcome, other than "why isn't this just better out of NEH," because everything is probably better out of NEH (for starters, you wouldn't be splashing for 3 Adonis Campaign in NEH).