wu-tang financial v2 (6-1 in Swiss at US nat'l)

stoppableforce 575

Based on Jesse Marshall's Oaktown Funk you up 3.0 (more accurately it's based on the previous version but the description on the 3.0 version is more detailed) and the TWA episode discussing how to play it, this is the corp deck I took to US Nationals, partially because I really like Oaktown Renovation and partly because I really loved having this conversation all day long.

"What decks are you running?"
"Oh, Noise and Weyland."
"Blue Sun?"
"No, Building a Better World."
insert pause as they try to remember which identity that is
"Core Weyland????"

Jesse's latest iteration uses an Ichi 1.0; given the difficulties I've had in the past ever getting an Ichi to land, I replaced the original deck's Rototurret with a swanky alt-art Swordsman because I fully expected to see a ton of Faust and probably at least one Atman. I also didn't bother trying to fit in an Executive Boot Camp; while it would have been nice, I wasn't anticipating seeing a lot of Valencia and counted on Caprice Nisei to pick up the slack there - which she did, I won literally every psi game with her all day. Although she did get caught in a drive by once, tragically.

I also swapped one Hostile Takeover out for one Posted Bounty, aiming for another kill vector - Posted Bounty is, IMO, one of the most underrated Weyland agendas. I ended up scoring it twice to win a game, never to actually kill, and in both cases it would've been better as either a third Hostile or, if I really wanted a utility 3/1, a Chronos Project.

Runners played and outcome of game:

  • MaxX (won, scorch)
  • Au Revoir/Snitch Chaos Theory (won, points)
  • Stealth Andromeda (won, scorch)
  • Prepaid Kate (won, points)
  • Quetzal 'anarch good stuff' (lost)
  • Noise (won, points)
  • Valencia (won, points)

Props: Caprice, Swordsman, boatloads of money. Caprice really did save the day in several games. Against Valencia, as hoped, she stopped every Blackmail pointed her way. You got no dirt on Detective Nisei, runner scum. Come back another time.

Slops: Posted Bounty (it was a nice idea but at the end of the day I'd rather have just had that third Hostile, as noted above) and Corporate Town. I understand the potential behind this card, but all day long it was mostly useless - when I did draw it, even against resource-heavy opponents like MaxX and Noise, it would just end up pitched because the tempo loss of tying up my scoring server and sacrificing an agenda that could be sacrificed to an Archer instead was too much. In future iterations I would likely replace this with a Contract Killer.