a$ap noise - 7th, Astonishing Comics ANRPC GLC Qualifier

stoppableforce 575

I can't really take credit for this build; it's basically CodeMarvelous' Noise Sauce 5.0 deck, -1 Mimic, -1 Datasucker, +1 Gravedigger. I guess I could've gone to 46 for that 3rd sucker but it was hardly necessary. It went 4-1 on the day (my corp deck was the one that let me down all day), with the one loss being vs. an RP that got rich early while in my first 20 cards I couldn't find any Wyldsides, any Street Peddlers, any Daily Casts, any Caches, or any breakers. At least I had Aesop's Pawnshop, so that was a thing, but it didn't do me any good. Alas.

Of the four wins on the day, three were by points, and one was, amazingly, by milling. My opponent - an RP deck - had ice and econ, but all his agendas, J.Hows, protective upgrades, and Interns went into the bin, and as he installed an agenda over his DBS to try to get on the board, it added the fourth token to my Gravedigger and I spent my turn milling his last four cards.


  • Gravedigger - you can get tokens for more than just trashing your opponent's stuff, and sometimes this is a more disruptive option than taking a credit or clicking for a draw.
  • Street Peddler - this card is so good at acceleration, and - as I discovered sitting across from it - the hidden information is so good. Normally if your opponent is making a run and you're trying to decide if an ice will stop them, you just have to look at what's on the board and probably what they can recur (since everyone runs 3 Clone Chips these days, I'm pretty sure). Street Peddler adds a new source of hidden information and instant-speed card access for the Runner, and that's a pretty big effect, almost as good as the raw deck acceleration it provides. Street Peddler was often key in getting my pancakes combo up and running.
  • Faust - make a deal with the devil and maybe he'll get you into a server that your opponent thought was unassailable.


  • Nerve Agent - Imp is probably sufficient hand pressure, once you learn when your opponent is probably flooded with agendas, especially as Noise, where Jackson often has to be used to return milled cards rather than allowing you to find agendas at the right time. This will either become a 3rd Datasucker or 2nd Medium in the future.
  • Cyberfeeder - unless this is in your starting hand or turns up on turn 2 or 3, the return on investment seems a bit low. I almost wish these were just plain old Sure Gambles or maybe Scheherazade.
  • Grimoire - while I wouldn't want to get rid of it altogether, Grimoire was my least-installed card of the game. I only put it down once all day. (And, of course, I immediately ran into a Cortex Lock. At least I had a few viruses down already!) I would never get rid of Grimoire, but I might consider going down to 1.