PPP Noise - Top 8 Auckland Regionals, 1st after Swiss

Fjord 1777

Paige Peddles Pancakes

VODs will be available soon. Feel free to ask any questions.

12 Jul 2015 ANRguybrush

so you install a bunch of crap on workshop, amp up, use incubator on hivemind for ridiculous amount of virus tokens, install 3 medium and hammer R&D for the win?

12 Jul 2015 Fjord

That's pretty much it. Even if you have just Hivemind and 2 Mediums coming into play midrun, that's still 7 accesses 3 mills. Hit archives to make them shuffle then go back in for 9 fresh accesses.

12 Jul 2015 Salrantol

Why no Hades Shard?

13 Jul 2015 Fjord

It would disrupt the influence and slow down your set-up. When you do go off there's almost no server that can keep you out. The threat of Hades Shard is nice but you don't actually need to play it in your deck for that ;)

13 Jul 2015 triplenine

What is the best target for progenitor? Hivemind?

13 Jul 2015 Fjord

That's the usual yeah, although +1MU is often sufficient. If you're facing large ice you might want to put an Incubator on it early to discourage purge.

24 Jul 2015 polygon03

How's Street Peddler doing? Is it crucial to the deck or could it be switched to maybe Datasuckers?

1 Aug 2015 Fjord

If anything I underestimated how good Street Peddler is. It's such a great card to see in your opening hand that I think I should have dropped the Sure Gambles.

Datasuckers are for a different strategy, this deck averages probably 3 central runs before the final turn. Instead I'd bring in +2 Faust.