Every Breath You Take

vvribeiro 815

Every breath you take,
Every run you make.
Every small mistake,
Every sub you break,
I'll be tagging you.

Every single turn,
When you think you're safe.
Hunting you all day,
Accept your fate.
I'll be tagging you.

Oh can't you see,
It all belongs to me?
In your car things break,
An accident I fake.

Every click you waste,
Paying two to escape.
Every look you take,
In a server made.
I'll be tagging you.

When you encounter my ice, I'll start a trace,
I'll be smiling as a tear runs down your face.
You'll look around as your luck begins to flake.
You'll take a tag as I wait for the next phase.
The earth is burning baby, and you're deceased.

Oh can't you see,
It all belongs to me.
How your poor head aches
With my speeding pace

Every credit you take,
Every choice you make.
Every tear you shake,
Every started trace,
I'll be tagging you.

Every card I play,
Every step I take,
I'll be tagging you.

12 Jul 2015 JohnnyMilton


12 Jul 2015 lolpaca

Do you think Troll could do good work here? The fewer clicks they have, the harder it gets to scrub dem tags

12 Jul 2015 vvribeiro

@lolpaca I thought about it. But the only disposable card here is Psychographics. And I think it's still more valuable than Troll. Would you change the ice setup to make it fit?

12 Jul 2015 lolpaca

I wonder if it could replace Pop-Up Window, although you look a little light on econ as it is. Might be worth testing anyhow, as good as Pop-Up is I think Troll fits your game plan better and gets consistent value out of Making News.

12 Jul 2015 vvribeiro

@lolpaca that's a good point. Aside from Tollbooth my ice are cheap. I'll try it as it is but Troll is definitely a nice addition. Thanks!

13 Jul 2015 linuxmaier

Sub Boost? Good on Bandwidth, Pachinko, Gutenberg and Data Raven, especially if they go tag-me before you've got kill pieces.

15 Jul 2015 lolpaca

Also, ChiLo City Grid is incredibly good with Troll in NBN: Making News. Have a tag and a lost click, sucker!

15 Jul 2015 linuxmaier

@lolpaca Have you played with ChiLo in a deck? Its 3 rez cost is what really breaks it for me. You could rez a Gutenberg or a Hunter for less than that and provide better protection on your server from cards like Femme and Inside Job, as well as not having to have ChiLo come into your hand before your tracing ice.

Basically for me, ChiLo is too expensive to want in the early game, and too ineffectual to want in the late game (they'll just beat/break your traces). There's a sliver of time in the mid game when it's great, but that's too narrow for a card's usefulness.

15 Jul 2015 Diegofsv

Great deck and flawless song. Just some thoughts:

1 - Its crazy you dont have Midseason Replacements in a 11 agenda making news deck. Its way better than Manhunt because instead of being a temporary annoyance, its just wins the game.

2 - Melange Mining Corp. is a great card, but I'm not that sure its a great thing here. I'm not sure this deck can afford the time to keep getting credits and let the runner protecting himself against meat damage or worse, make his RIG complete. This deck should feel like a fake FA that forces the runner to make mistakes running early. Late game the runner will have answers for everything and this decks just can't work against it because it will be pretty easy to avoid or remove the tags. Manhunt is a joke, Data Raven an annoyance. With no SEA Source and Midseasons, late game is a dead game here. I understand the need for credits but the only really expensive card here is Tollbooth which should probably be defending the melange.

15 Jul 2015 vvribeiro

Great thoughts guys! I agree with @linuxmaier regarding ChiLo City Grid. Even being a reasonable fit for the deck, I think it's too circumstantial. About Midseason Replacements, I thought about it at first, but this deck lands so many tags I think Midseason Replacements might be useless by the time I draw it.

I'll keep it all in mind. Amazing feedback! Thanks!

15 Jul 2015 Diegofsv

The tags are from Bandwidth (really situational), Data Raven (avoidable and removable), Gutenberg (easily removable) and Manhunt (Easily removable and prevents the runner from running last click). The only card here that can crush the runner dreams is Universal Connectivity Fee behing any of the taggers or if the runner is crazy enough to let Data Raven with power counters (and if he did that, he better have a plan or he deserves to die) . Midway may be situational but it just win games. The only way for the runner to be full of tags is in Tag-me runners, and he is probably well aware of the risks and defended. I just can't see the runner keeping the tags at all.

15 Jul 2015 vvribeiro

The runner will either spend 2 removing the tags from a Gutenberg + Data Raven server (3 if Manhunt is in play) or just take one or two per turn, obliging him to shake them next turn or just keep the tags and work around it. Yes, the tags come from traces and traces can be eluded, but if it happens it means the runner is wasting money. Both or taxing buys me time and create windows. In fact, I rather drop some of the ice to add Midseason Replacements, undoubtedly a great card, than dropping Manhunt, for such a big pain in the ass it is. I'll put my mind at it.

16 Jul 2015 linuxmaier

What's your plan for a runner who just makes money and waits? They'll be able to beat any tags on a remote except data raven, and you don't have the econ to race them or the fast advance tools to make them run centrals. I would wait and build money and legwork you every ten turns or so. Typically in my passive tagging decks I've had to have some kind of plan for remote play, be it Ash or Sansan. Otherwise a reasonably good runner with any economy can just camp you out and steal anything you try and put on the table.

16 Jul 2015 vvribeiro

Updated. netrunnerdb.com

Thanks for the feedback!