LLDS Chameleo Saurus via Personal Workshop on their time not

paulxthompson 234

Messing around with the idea that Personal Workshop can drop Chameleons onto Dinosaurus either on the opponents turn or during a run and offer the Hayley ability at the same time. Maybe.

4 Jul 2015 chowyunbrent

I like the chameleon dinosaurus llds combos. Sahasrara as well! My concerns might be around what you will do against servers with 2 or 3 different types of ice on it? Realistically installing 3 chameleons in the same turn then running is an unlikely arrangement? Also some rnd pressure might be nice! Perhaps a makers eye or two?

4 Jul 2015 PurinaBisonChow

I agree with @chowyunbrent. As soon as they see you're playing Chameleon on a Dinosaurus (or maybe sooner), your opponent is going to stack a different typed ICE over their remotes and make it much more complicated for you. Also, Blue Sun: Powering the Future wrecks your day with all their powerful ICE that you can't get over (Curtain Wall and Hadrian's Wall especially).

The idea is great fun, with a Dinosaurus and three LLDS Processor out, that first Chameleon is 8 strength and the other two are at 5 but I don't know if that's enough to laser focus a deck around. My biggest single suggestion is to consider adding an AI breaker. Maybe Atman. Maybe Crypsis. Something so that you don't have to slot in a full breaker suite but have a tool to help in these two situations. Hell, looking around, you might be able to get away with just slotting in a fracter since the majority of the really big ice seem to be barriers.

4 Jul 2015 paulxthompson

Nice one thanks both! - it occurs to me that I posted this as a snapshot of current thinking while chatting on facebook, and that Aesop's actually makes no sense here.

My feeling is that a couple of Femme Fatale's would make me a lot happier (I never got the knack of Atman) though probably not against Blue Sun: Powering the Future

PS - I am totally an armchair deckbuilder and rarely see combat with another human being, something I intend to address during the summer.