Go Ahead and Run v.0.5

Putty 157

Have been toying with this deck for the better part of a year and finally got the bug to update it with the latest cycle. I have stripped this thing of a whole lot of excess. Medtech is the ID here to increase the likelihood of a run whereas the lack of ICE should also make the runner get a bit sloppy. I like "GOTCHA!" decks but this whole deck is a series of gotcha moments. Overall, this deck has had a shaky performance but I feel it was not as focused.

1 Jul 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Any reason you aren't playing with your last 4 cards?

1 Jul 2015 Putty

Trying to keep things ultra lean. It may be foolhardy but it'll get tested a few times tonight.

1 Jul 2015 StarryVeck

The one Jinteki ID I have never tried. This feels wobbly though. Just five econ cards (plus 2 Pop-Up Windows), ICE that will be a walkover by mid-game, a single Midseason/Scorched with no other tag punishment.

You have got 8 cards that will hurt the runner on access, though you'll need money for the snares (more if you Kitsune them out) and while Fetals are good for free damage, they are also an agenda which the runner will rarely struggle to pony up 2 credits for.

If you're going down the scorch route, Neural EMP seems a good include.