LLDS: London Library Dog Server 0.0 [helpplz?]

paulxthompson 234

Version 0.0 - Out of the game for a while, trying to rejoin my meta next week now that the sun is out. Enthusiastic but confused armchair deck builder, constructive feedback essential - and pointers to good decks trying to do similar things - thanks in advance.

Assumptions/Core ideas:

Data Folding is good because London Library will clear my memory for the start of every turn.

There's at least some synergy between using Test Run and London Library with the Dogs and Overmind, right? Especially given the above comment about memory?


I'm not up to date on modern handling of damage, so my old stand by's Deus X and Plascrete Carapace are here. Probably newer cards are rendering these less effective?

Economy. I never get that right and i'm probably behind the times. Need more burst I think?

Likewise there are probably things in the San San cycle that I should be defending against but have never even heard of.

10 Jun 2015 Marimbist11

As a Shaper, you should probably run Clone Chips and Self-Modifying Codes over the extra icebreakers. It'll save you lots of influence too. I recommend Career Fair so much in Hayley! She is really effective at setting up a resource based econ, especially with Career Fair.

10 Jun 2015 Pinkwarrior

@paulxthompson As Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar i would recommend running a different console as to get more out of one you need to skimp on the other with only 11 events then chances of you actually getting it to fire are low. I personally find Box-E to be better for Hayley especially if you get a couple of Game Day's in your deck.

Also London Library is very click intensive id shave some influence by dropping some programs to get in Autoscripter if possible. also id look at putting in Scavenge as this means you can get a Femme Fatale down cheap with the library or get a dog to stay in play for more than a turn.

Also i agree with @Marimbist11 about Clone Chip's this means if you really need that extra click you get just let a program die on the library and chip it back later.

10 Jun 2015 paulxthompson

Great! Thanks @Marimbist11 and @Pinkwarrior - these are good tips - if i'm removing the Comet that does lend itself more to the Clone Chip and Self-modifying Code than the Test Run's that I've got now.

Always liked some Box-E and have always been Autoscripter curious but not found a place for it.

I'd not actually registered Career Fair 'till now - it's clearly a good choice :-)

Thanks both! Back to school @paulxthompson

10 Jun 2015 esutter479

Hey Paul, it's cool to see you back on here again. :) I've played against several Hayleys now that run both Daily Casts x3 and Armitage x3. That setup seems to work pretty well for them on the Resource front. I would thin out the breakers there; keep the Dogs but drop the Overminds. I doubt you'll need 'em for anything real clutch. Femme any Excaliburs or traps that might be deterring your progress, IMO. I like the Net Celebs in there to get rid of ELPs or Statics in your way!