NEH Butcher Shop Variant - Warren, MI Regional 2nd place

rnishimura 159

2nd place in the Warren, MI Regional held in Eternal Games on June 6th with 63 players. A similar version of this deck was 1st place on the Metro Detroit GLC (

Went 5-1 in swiss. Wins against 2x Leela, Kate PPVP, Whizzard L4J and MaxX. Loss against MaxX Eater-Keyhole.

Went 2-1 in double-elimination. Wins against MaxX Eater-Keyhole (same of swiss round), Whizzard L4J. Loss against Whizzard L4J (same of swiss and double-elimination)

In this variant of the Butcher Shop, I decided to diversified the asset economy, putting 2 of each, and use a slightly more steady ICE suite, using 2x Eli 1.0 and 1x Toolbooth. Eli 1.0 can go either on centrals or remote. Toolboth usually goes to remote for protecting a Melange or agenda (preferably Breaking News).

From the 7 wins, 5 were by flatline and 2 scoring agendas (one of them overscoring a Beale). This shows how flexible this deck can be with its winning conditions.

The loss against MaxX Eater-Keyhole was for totally lack of practice against that deck. But then I learned my lesson and with some luck (i.e. not hitting any of the 2 IHW in the grip) I beat the same deck on double-elimination :)

The loss against Whizzard L4J was for a sequence of 3-4 mistakes on my part, partly due to tiredness and impatience (and also not following my own advice of always purging when Medium has more than a counter!)

Overall, I think currently the Butcher Shop is probably the strongest corp deck, with multiple winning conditions and a very fast play (which helps a lot in large tournaments, like regionals) - unlike the other tier 1 corp decks, RP and Blue Sun. Seriously, if even me, a mediocre player who started playing ANR 6 months ago, did this well in such a large tournament with this deck, imagine what a more skilled and experience player can do with it!

8 Jun 2015 x3r0h0ur

Congrats on the second place Raphael, I feel slightly vindicated at your victory over me first round of eliminations seeing you get second :P I guess I'll make it a point to hold all THREE I've had worse vs. butchershop :)

Also I think I forgot I had a utopia installed for after the traffic accident! Those shards are so good every time.

Have you considered swapping out the marked for private contracts like my deck did? I find it is WAY better for driving a credit disparity between you and the runner, simply because the money comes like 5 turns faster, and it has the same trash.

9 Jun 2015 rnishimura

Thanks, Brian! Yeah, sorry I couldn't get that 1st place so you could feel totally vindicated :P Hehehe, I got really lucky there not hitting any of those 2 IHW :)

You know what? I had totally forgotten about Private Contract! I love the idea! I'll definitely test that in a coming version of this deck, along with some other few changes that I believe will make it even stronger.