1441 - Titan Transnational Hyper Fast Advance

marsellus 431

Check http://forum.stimhack.com/t/deck-primer-1441-titan-transnational-hyper-fast-advance/4038 for long description

4 Jun 2015 Nushura

No tag punishment? So runner can take tags so that you become a blank id?

4 Jun 2015 redfive

@Nushura Titan, not Argus.

4 Jun 2015 Trypios

Played against Marsellus today in octgn and I must say his deck is very fast! If I wasn't lucky on my very few R&D digs scored GT, otherwise he'd win with yet another Biotic. Take my like and I'm trying this, with a few tweeks.

4 Jun 2015 marsellus

@Trypios mind sharing your tweak ideas?

4 Jun 2015 Trypios

Off the top of my head:

-2x The Cleaners +2x Executive Retreat or High-Risk Investment to take advantage of Titan ability and keep up with their credit advantage and land the Punitives successfully

-2x Will-o'-the-Wisp +2x Elizabeth Mills (Several card from San San cycle: Chrome Parlor, Gene Shoppe, London Library, Off-Campus and my beloved Personal Workshop go bye bye).

-2x interns +2 snatch and grab

4 Jun 2015 marsellus

The reason why I play Cleaners is to induce fear in the runner. YOu actually will hardly score the agenda ever. In 65 games I scored it like 8 times, of which 6 were to end the game.

Will'o is super awesome against Anarchs and Criminals and apart from Personal Workshop, I haven't seen any of the cards you mentioned yet.

Interns are awesome to get back Jackson, Will'o or Cyberdex and I actually wouldn't want to miss them. But I guess that is a real meta call.

4 Jun 2015 RubbishyUsername

I've been fiddling with a Titan FA deck but it revolves around SanSan instead of Biotic and I forgo the GT for NAPD. I'm running Patch as a Pup/Pop-Up equivalent (stick on a barrier above 2 strength, on a central, and it's 2 more to pump but without install costs). I don't know whether that would work here - your ice is does a lot more gear-checking and you're relying on Will-o-wisp to counter, so you don't really tax at all. But it's a thought.

4 Jun 2015 Smashman

How on earth do you have the cash to Biotic Atlases 3 times...?

4 Jun 2015 JonathanJones

Snatch and Grab over Interns is not a good idea I think. Since the deck falls apart, when the game goes long, eco denial is actually not very important.

4 Jun 2015 Trypios

@marsellus @JonathanJones You're right guys, interns seem important. I read your name riddle at the end of your guide. What's with 1441? The band Rush had an album called 2112, this is a rush deck...am I close? :P

4 Jun 2015 marsellus

@Smashman Not only do you play three each of Beanstalk, Hedge Fund and Restructure, also scoring a Hostile TO nets you 5 credits. Plus all your ICE (apart from Grim) is cheap.

@Trypios No, you're not close. :-P

6 Jun 2015 marsellus

NEWSFLASH: -1 Cleaners +2 Chronos Project -1 Beanstalk Royalties

Really gives this teeth against Kate, prevents you from needing to score a 5/3 once both a Hostile and Atlas are stolen and also helps against Paraste Recursion and MaxX.... Updated decklist as soon as I am home

6 Jun 2015 marsellus

See netrunnerdb.com for improved decklist!