Adderall Kit

DrunkAlex 328

Funny thing is, I really should be studying right now, but I'll publish this first. This is my current Kit Study guide deck. I've already written an extensive review for Study Guide on its card page so I won't go in depth with it here. I'll just mention that I chose Study Guide for its early game independence from stealth credits, while having about the same late game sustain. I've already taken this deck to the Dutch Den Haag regionals in which it performed great in making runs/accesses, I only forgot that the Dutch meta is absolutely brutal cutthroat and I didn't take my plascretes (had Woman in the Red Dress instead). Ran into 2 Butchershops and Blue Sun kill, which makes it very hard to win without Plascrete Carapace.


You should mulligan for 3 cards: Study Guide, Stimhack and Magnum Opus. Rest is icing on the cake. Opus is your econ and Stimhack is there to boost Study Guide.

The early game should typically look like this: Turn 1: Install Opus, grab 6 credits (don't be scared to use SMC or Test Run! You need Opus!). Turn 2: Install Study Guide, make Stimhack run and boost Study Guide to S3. This makes you set for the early to mid game.

After that you are basically spending a click to intall stuff for late game, clicking Opus, or making runs through card abilities.

The next big question for some people will probably be this: Why no Sure Gamble?! Because you have Magnum Opus. Something a lot of people forget when putting Opus in their decks is the simple fact that, unless you draw it in your opening hand, playing Sure Gamble is just as efficient as clicking twice for Opus ( Draw Play Sure Gamble). Plus with Opus you don't need a 5 credits minimum. This also segways into my other econ card choices: Every click not making a run or drawing a card is a click not using Opus. That is why I chose Daily Casts, Earthrise Hotel (as these gives you clickless benefits), Dirty Laundry and Legwork (as these makes your runs do more than just 'make a run'). I actually also want to experiment with Code Siphon instead of Test Run+Scavenge as this supports more aggression and saves me clicks.

Box-E is for brain damage protection and it also satisfies all my needs for the mid-late game.

Escher is there to make most use of your permanent S boost and put some pressure off Cerberus "Lady" H1 and Femme Fatale.

Finally don't forget you can use Lockpick on Study Guide even if you don't make a run. I generally try to boost the strength of Study Guide once a turn as this helps it grow into the late game.

Cheers and have fun!

1 Jun 2015 FarCryFromHuman

With your expensive breaker cheat-out tricks and your stable as hell econ, would Battering Ram make more sense than one of your Cerberus "Lady" H1s? You have an extra with Box-E and without the console you can't get all your breakers and Magnum Opus installed at the same time anyway.

1 Jun 2015 DrunkAlex

Although I haven't really considered Battering Ram, I still won't consider it for the following 2 reasons:

  • Battering Ram is 2 , sure if my setup is fully operational I can support it, but it doesn't give me breathing room in the meantime. The awesome thing with Kit is the fact that you only need a code gate breaker in the beginning. With Opus and Study Guide setup it doesn't give me the room to install Battering Ram without needing Box-E and with Kit you sometimes want your Barrier breaker over your Sentry breaker.

  • Cerberus "Lady" H1 doesn't need credits to break subs, for me that is a huge benefit over Battering Ram, which gives you an all or nothing option. 2 credit steps can be quite steep. Using Scavenge gives you an easy option to reset the power counters.

1 Jun 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking. Shapers could really use something between Inti and Battering Ram, but I suppose that's Corroder.