Butcher shop variant - 5th Vancouver Regionals (43 entrants)

talking_chicken 429

This deck got 5th place in the Vancouver regional at Connection Games and Comics. There were 43 entrants, with 6 rounds of Swiss with a top 8 cut. It had only two losses all day, one in the Swiss against PPVP Kate where the top 15 cards of R&D were full of agendas, and one in the elims against another PPVP Kate that out econ'd me. The wins were against Noise (Traffic Accident dodged IHW, then scorch), one Maxx (astrotrain, he kept discarding his heap recursion with the ID), Opus Kate (he got opus out, but couldn't find SMC, so I scored 4 points in a server then Psychobealed the other 3 after he played plascrete and went tagme), Leela (got the Midseason, then two turns later topdecked the scorch to win), and an Opus Kit (he ran Archives on click 4 to get rid of Jackson and I gave him an Astro in there, then got the kill next turn).

I actually built this the night before the tournament. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to bring to this since I haven't been able to play as much as I'd like, and decided on this for the corp side pretty quickly since Butcher shop is making the rounds and I'm no stranger to playing crazy NBN scorch decks. There isn't too much different from the lists I've been seeing lately; I forgot to put in Universal Connectivity Fee and I kinda regret that looking back. I slotted in the 1x Psychographics in case the runner plascretes up too much, and while it didn't put in that much work, it did win one of my games.

Other than that, there's not much to say. I blew up a lot of people's houses and cars but was still able to score out in case that wasn't possible. It did the job really well.