Weyland Rush German Nationals

Alsciende 1344

Played by Sebastian Barth to 1st place at German Nationals, 12.10.2013

Quoted from Sebastian (http://bgg.cc/blogpost/23939/german-nationals-report):

The big question: Why no Scorched Earth?

The short answer is that rush decks don't necessarily need them. The longer answer is that your opponents are likely paying for one or two Plascretes anyway. And in fact each and every opponent installed at least one during our games. And the long answer is a meta-dependent one: If you like poker terms, I tried to exploit my "table image" that I built over a couple of regionals. I was playing Weyland Tag'N'Bag almost exclusively, with Snares, some ambushes and sometimes even weird shit g. And given the fact that Weyland Tag'N'Bag is still popular and strong I hoped to surprise some people with a change of pace. Guess it worked out, but I also guess that this kind of deck loses value over repeat plays against the same opponent.

MVP was far and beyond Ash 2X§"%$§W, making the runner pay for a big server twice was brutal, but as it turned out they often even lacked the funds to trash the Ash! Those moment were completely game winning and soul crushing. >:)