Bad CB deck for bad people

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Copied from: Why Are You Doing That? v3

26 May 2015 tonybluehose

Shoot the Moon is such a fun card to play. It can change the board state in a snap. A super scored Project Ares from psychographics would be amazing, too.

Have you gotten to test this guy out yet?

26 May 2015 behemoth01

@tonybluehose Only one game so far, against StealthKit. Managed to Shoot the Moon and flip up 3x NEXT Gold and 2x Viktor 2.0 in one go. That felt good.

It also taught me that if a) they have tags and b) you have agendas, then c) fucking score them with Psychographics already. At 4 points scored, with another 4 in hand, I spent a lot of time mucking about trying to do fancy stuff, when I could – and should – have won in two turns.