Valar Morghulis - Vienna 2015 Regional - 2nd seed/1st place

StevenSlater 133

Standard butcher shop. Even less ICE to make space for 3 copies of Cyberdex Virus Suite.

It gave my long game runner time to do her work.

23 May 2015 juliandark

And what is the point of Cyberdex in a butcher shop deck? Solely against Imp?

23 May 2015 kollapse

Does Gutenberg do much for you?

23 May 2015 tomdidiot

Butcher shop makes me sad :( What happened to go old NBN Tax and Spend? It's all NBN KILL KILL KILL nowadays.

23 May 2015 tomdidiot


23 May 2015 StevenSlater

@juliandark great against Clot when i have to resort to a fast advance win. useful against Imp and Medium.

24 May 2015 StevenSlater

@kollapse well, it's a very cheap taxing piece of ice. and unlike Data Raven, you cannot bounce, so it has the potential to turn a click 4 run into a kill.

24 May 2015 kollapse

Sure, but it turns off completely once the tags land (which isn't always enough for the kill in my experience).