Fast and deadly (Denmark Regionals 7st and 1th after Swiss)

bohnsen 7

Hey all, first time posting a deck :)

This deck got me the first seed in Aarhus regional Denmark. Afther the cut to top 8, I lost tow in a row. I'm not entierley sure that this entitels me to say that I was "1st and 7th after Swiss", so please let me know if I'm wrong in the comments :)

What this dek does is fast advance or kill. The kill is set up by the 3 ice remote server with "Edge of World". I did that one time in the turnament. It is more used as a scare tatcis, since most of my agendas can be scored if placed on the bord the turn before, without needing the Biotic Labor.

And speaking of biotic Labor, have you ever had a Furure Perfect scored like it was nothing? Well listen, what you do is, instal it in a remote, you know, like it was a Valley Grid, Edge of World or Caprice Nisei. Then on your next turn, you play a biotic Labor, place one token on the agenda and flip this identity, BAM the future IS perfeckt for only 5 credits!

Things i would try, is to cut Jackson (blasfemy, i know), but when ever I had an agenda, I would tyr to score it, so I was never flooded with agendas. You can always just install and not advance, as long as you have the Edge og World threat.

As for my ice, didn't have that many problems, Enigma and Wraparound being the MVPs. I like Cortex Lock, but not more than 2, since I want to stop the run very early on.

Let me know what you think :)

20 May 2015 LSK

"1st and 7th after Swiss" reads to me like you won after finishing 7th in Swiss, not the other way around :)

21 May 2015 tomdidiot

Yeah, it should probably say 7th, 1st after Swiss.

23 May 2015 bohnsen

Thanks for the help :) What do you think of the deck itself? :)

23 May 2015 LSK

TBH, I think the mix of ice wouldn't be very good in the American meta - my experience is that a deck with mostly non-taxing ETR ice and no traps that fire from R&D would get R&D locked very easily against a breaker suite of "Lady", Cyber-Cypher, and Mimic.

24 May 2015 bohnsen

Well, that may be true, but since this fast advance, the point is to scor before the runner gets all set ud. That is why the ICE is stopping the runner (like chimera) and not taxing. But like I said it worked out very well for me :)