2nd place Linköping Regionals Sweden (32 players)-ButchSVar

parasitetwin 83

I decided to bring a Butcher shop deck to the regionals in Linköping for several reasons. First I feel that runners, especially shapers, have a too easy time breaking into servers atm. I would have liked to play a glacier deck but recently I've just been destroyed when playing them. NEH has always been my nemesis deck and I've refrained from playing it for silly reasons. With runners feeling comfortable that clot will put an end to FA NEH, beeing insolent enough to tech control vs glacier without even packing clot themselves, I felt that I wanted to bump the respect for NEH up a notch. I've played some NBN kill decks before but mainly out of MN and TWIY (before the advent of NEH) so I felt really comfortable with the style.

In the swiss I faced off vs Noise, Maxx, Maxx, Andromeda and Maxx.

The game vs Noise was a really lucky one. I drew Traffic Acc, Scorched and Traffic Acc as my starting hand. On the mandatory draw I pulled a midseason. I drew breaking news at round 3 or 4 and just: installed Pop-up, breaking news, advance. I had the credit advantage so either way I felt that I had a good chance of winning the next turn. He stole it so I miseasoned TA+Scorched which was sufficient. Sometimes the cards just align.

The Maxx game was a bit longer. He played a Hacktivist meeting and with me sitting on the entire kill combo in hand I refrained from rezzing anything, giving a huge tell on the state of HQ (either agendas or combo). He trashed the entire hand with wanton destruction and I decided that scoring out was my best bet this game. I eventually choo-chooed my way to victory, having some luck with the freight of midseason combined with jackson pulls of keyholed agendas.

In the third game I faced of vs Maxx again. He managed to steal 4 points off of R&D, one of them being an NAPD, and trashing a marked accounts the same turn (probably a mistake on his part) which I punished with a midseason after a sweeps and poked his hand with traffic accident, hitting two IHW lol. He began his next turn with 10 cards in hand and 2 credits to spend. He pulled off a retrieval run for a Morning star and started to go to work on R&D with a keyhole. I already held a scorched in hand and managed to draw a traffic accident shortly thereafter, managing to flatline.

The fourth game I was losing big time. After mulligan I held 3 or 4 agendas, drew a jackson as my first draw and drew 2 with him. Andromeda played an account siphon, removed the tags and checked R&D finding nothing. After drawing I used Jackson again, managed to pull another jackson and more agendas =_= so I installed the second jackson and had to pop both on Andromedas turn to put back 5 agendas and a melange in to R&D.

In the fifth game (third one vs Maxx) I had a credit advantage, midseason and scorched in hand and just naked installed an Astro early on, which I was allowed to score due to the runner playing Day job. I had Gutenberg on R&D, wraparound on HQ and two turns later I installed and double advanced a Beale after the runner seeing an NAPD he wouldn't steal off of R&D. I was allowed to score it since the deck was an Eater one which didn't have a defracter handy and was at match point with a 3point beale at round 6 or something. I drew aggressively with jackson a couple of turns and just scored out while the runner made some keyhole through Gutenberg, take the tag, and remove it afterwards plays.

In the top 8 the deck lost its' first game vs Kate. I had an agenda token Beale scored, landed a midseason after an astro steal and was just looking for the combo pieces. I had threw away an NAPD earlier on to bait the midseason which I came to regret. Kate played a master turn with an indexing through wraparound, install SOT playing maker's eye stealing 4 point (BN, Beale, BN). With me unable to find a jackson to save the game I just lost to the archives run next turn. Really sweet play by my opponent, the power of indexing.

I then faced of vs another Noise and was able to Astro token, BN scorched when he only held 3 cards in hand after a hectic turn. About this time I started to get really tired and the details are a bit blurry. I eventually lost in the first part of the finals (me coming from the loser's bracket) with my Noise deck by holding only 3 cards while being tagged by another Butcher shop deck hehe. If you're interested I've made a pretty extensive writeup of the games over here: