1stP regional Brussels(32P): How to get a table in your face

ryanbantwins 1965

Lock the remote and aim for R&D. You can often make one run on R&D and access more then 30 cards. This deck only lost one game the whole tournament when i got caught off guard by midseason traffic scorched.

5 May 2015 Phoenix

How do you handle the raft of corps now packing Cyberdex Virus Suite? Is it just a case of oh well try again in a couple of turns?

5 May 2015 ryanbantwins

First of all, make a good metacall :) (didn't play against a single Cyberdex). Second, I don't recommend to go all in for the 30+ R&D dig. The only time that is the optimal choice is against kill decks. It's often better to be really annoying on R&D a couple of times, like have two medium install hivemind (maybe with incubator) blackmail R&D. They will purge next turn and you'll get the incubator from your workshop with two tokens on your next turn. With a combination of incubator (and deja vu) and surge you can pump your hivemind quite a lot of times. An you can kind of R&D lock them with 10 cards a time. Btw, this is the same technique you use against Cyberdex or a Niseitoken. Don't make a big effort in one run if you're not sure it will work. This is also one of the reasons why I prefer Valencia over Maxx as the ID since I don't need the big hivemind for a darwin.

5 May 2015 LSK

This deck seems somewhat light on the economy - I only see six dedicated econ cards and two Symmetrical Visage. Did you ever feel like money was an issue?

5 May 2015 ryanbantwins

It is very light on econ, because you don't need any :) .

First of all the 3 fall guys are 90% percent of the time pure for the econ. You only need them against E. Mills or a breaking news. Personal Workshop is the most important econ card (and combo card) of the deck. I will often mulligan for it and since it's not unique it can net you a lot of credits. You can also use your bad pub during a run to remove a counter from a hosted card. For instance while your running an undefended HQ or checking some remotes.

Second, you don't need money. Never trash assets. I know a DBS or sundew is powerfull but you can't take the tempohit to trash them. Don't follow the econ war and let them be rich, they can't effectively use those creds to defend R&D. Most of your cards should be put on a PW in exception of Wyldside, adjusted chronotype and your first incubator (get the second online if they purged). Those mediums, hivemind, grimoire, djinn??, clot??, nerve agent?? and darwin?? should all go on your PW (the ?? only when you need them).

I often noticed that for the big run I needed like 5 creds to pay for everything on my PW and 4+ to steal NAPD. Imo the econ was right on point and I almost never clicked for credits. The only exception is when you're forced to use darwin as a breaker (BP removal, ICE rezz) but that never happened :p