Butcher Shop - Gutenberg - 2nd Bristol Spring GNK

Smashman 71

After the release of Gutenberg, I knew it had a good spot in jakodrako's Butcher Shop.

I've dropped a Melange and an Information Overload for the Gutenbergs.

With a number of convincing wins and two unfortunate losses to Noise, this deck took me to 2nd at the GNK on Saturday 26th of April in Bristol, UK!

I ran this, along with my Prepaid Kate deck at the 2015 Oxford Regional, placing 12th.

This also took me to 23rd in the UK Nationals. I also took my slightly changed Prepaid Kate deck.

1 May 2015 LeePo

With only 8 cards that trigger NEH identity power, why NEH instead of Making News ? MN works with Information Overload, Gutenberg, Data Raven and Midseason Replacements.

NEH mean only 2 more influence and perhaps 4 cards draw, instead of 2 creds per turn for traces.

But perhaps I underestimate NEH out of fast advance.

1 May 2015 Andannius

Reclamation Order is absolutely necessary in Butcher Shop. Since you're not running SanSan or any other FA tools you'll have a tough time getting the Astrotrain started, so you're quite allin on the kill; being able to fire off the kill cards once so the runner thinks you're done and then just RO-Scorch-Scorch when they think they're safe is your final play.

1 May 2015 hi_impact

@AndanniusReclamation Order is a double. But still, the point stands. You can just Scorch next turn.

1 May 2015 Andannius

@scourged Whoops, you're right. Thanks for the clarification.

2 May 2015 Myriad

Technically Leo, you can get that NEH ability by installing any of those agendas in a new server OR installing a piece of ICE in a new server. It isn't just assets.

This deck also ins't really tying to win out of Fast Advance, but it can threaten that. Its trying to be fast, furious and punish runners who are not prepared to be tagged the whole game.

4 May 2015 romainnut

Thx for the list. I swapped 1 SE for 1 biotic and RO for 2 eli. More tac means more windows for midseasons. Biotic is needed imo to end games where you are outecoed by the runner.