Wax Coats 1.1

Snake Eyes 4588

A global meta-evolved improvement of Wax Coats - a tournament winning deck.

This is a mostly barriers, Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon heavy tax deck. There are few non-barriers involved in this here, but what is there is hand picked for good reasons. RSVP negates the Runner's ability to access cards in remotes. Wendigo can also kill the use of any Fractor, so it is best placed on an outer layer. Caduceus is always a great early piece of ICE that will force a mimic or tonnes of trace-bucks. Changeling can swap between Sentry and Barrier as per need, which extends the mid-game for the Corp.

The agenda suite works for the high density of Barriers... Superior Cyberwalls can result in huge profits and really junk up Runner's maths with barriers that get stronger. Government Contracts is sweet for cash and as a 5/3 (where you wouldn't care about pri request so much since this isn't running Archer or any expensive ICE), and NAPD Contract just pumps the tax.

Ash 2X3ZB9CY helps makes servers secure. It's already super expensive to get in - Ash just makes those accesses that much more painful. Crisium Grid is great for defense against Shaper or Criminal events, and even against the simple collection of virus counter vs some Anarchs. Cyberdex Virus Suite is an important 1-of in all modern decks. It is best installed on R&D (or tricked out as an agenda) then kept in Archives once it is used to shut that server down from Datasucker mining. Interns to push Ash 2X3ZB9CY or Jackson Howard back into the grid as per needs.

Power Shutdown was intended for Corroders and zero cost programs - but I've been getting limited use out of it - so I switched to Paywall Implementation. Now every remote server comes installed with a theoretical Pop-up Window. This is also built in fear of the amazing and recently released Hacktivist Meeting. Current Countering!

29 Apr 2015 Phoenix

Can I ask why you have included RSVP over Lotus Field? Lotus Field negates the runners ability to access cards in a remote just as well, costs the same to break, is 1 less influence and, yes, costs 2 more to rez but there is a lot you can do with the two spare influence.

Otherwise, looks fun!

29 Apr 2015 Snake Eyes

Money is the big thing. Rezzing for 3 is much better than reading for 5.

In terms of Influence, the only thing I could recommend doing with that change is adding in a 3rd Ash, but you'd have to cut another card then.

29 Apr 2015 PaxCecilia

Any thoughts on Private Contracts vs Capital Investors? Two main differences are the trash cost and permanence, which are the strong point of both. Private Contracts is pretty much guaranteed money, very few people will pay 6c and the cost of a run to trash it since it's limited. Capital Investors, on the other hand, is only gonna 3c to trash, so it won't stay out for long... But if you put it behind a few taxing pieces of Ice then you can get a much larger tax on the runner by forcing them to run and trash. Permanence is a nasty thing.

I hate to but agree that Cyberdex is essential. Being able to purge for 3c is insane, and Interns really complements it.

At first I was confused by Paywall since you have so much ETR, but yeah stopping Hackivism is a big deal. I can't wait to try out all of these new beautiful cards :(

29 Apr 2015 hi_impact

@PaxCeciliaIt's a tougher choice than it looks. Capital Investors does need to be protected, usually. That takes a slot in your scoring server and then you gotta decide when to trash it. Often times it could've been a naked Private Contracts. If he has no penultimate big game-ending trace (SEAScorch), then I could see Private Contracts being better for tempo since you can naked install it. He will want a second lightly ICED remote for The Root probably.

29 Apr 2015 Snake Eyes

@scourged hit the nail on the head!

The Root is the only remote that I'll actually defend, outside of my scoring remote. I really like having an RSVP for it.

29 Apr 2015 Snake Eyes

@PaxCecilia I was thinking about it - it's really the high trash cost that I like about Private Contracts though. I like using The Root to rez it so it's free anyway.

29 Apr 2015 PaxCecilia

I guess my point was: if you're looking to get a reliable payout (which you are), Private Contracts is the stronger choice. If you're looking for something to pressure the runner into wasting time and money to trash, Capital Investors is a stronger choice. Private Contracts definitely makes a lot more sense, since your economy is just PADs and Hedge.

Another thought, does the tempo of the deck allow time to advance Fire & Ice Walls? With 8 (+2 Meru Mati) ice at 4 strength and up to 3 (+2 Meru Mati) ice at 1 strength it seems Atman at 4 and 1 would super punishing.

29 Apr 2015 Snake Eyes

Atman 4 only looks bad until you score a Superior Cyberwalls.

30 Apr 2015 Snake Eyes

Oh yeah and for advancing ICE - yeah pumping an Ice Wall is totally worth it. Bonus points if you're doing it with The Root. I've yet to advance a Fire Wall though - but if someone came at me with like a Morning Star or something bonkers like that I totally would.

30 Apr 2015 PaxCecilia

Totally forgot that scoring a Cyberwall would instantly throw off their math. Do a Cyberdex purge to shake their datasucker tokens and you're golden. Well done sir, I'll have to hop on OCTGN more often to do some practicing against you! This looks very solid and a pain in the arse for the runner.

30 Apr 2015 Snake Eyes

That'd be great @PaxCecilia!

30 Apr 2015 vor_lord

I just never feel convinced by Private Contracts. If left alone and cleared out you take 8 clicks to net 11 . That's a 3 credit bonus compared to clicking for credits. No matter how I look at it it feels underwhelming.

30 Apr 2015 vor_lord

But I guess nothing is that much better, by that analysis Hedge Fund is only 3 bonus compared to clicking. Ignore me.

30 Apr 2015 Snake Eyes

Rez it for free with The Root. :D

3 May 2015 ItJustGotRielle

@Snake Eyes Hey bro! I dig what you've been doing with this. With PPVP Kate being the runner to beat (for the most part) how does this deck do vs. it? I had thought about going with Gagarin and slotting Snare, since Kate really doesn't want to spend too much time contesting remotes so when you start to put too much stuff down they seem to singularly focus on R&D- are you able to keep R&D taxing enough to not hemorrhage agendas while still keeping a scoring remote going? How do you handle the big Kate R&D pressure?

4 May 2015 Snake Eyes

yo yo @ItJustGotRielle

Prepaid VoicePAD Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker doesn't bother me so much. Prioritize Crisium Grid to RnD, and stack your ICE up there, only giving HQ bare bones defense in comparison. Have 1 big scoring server and 1 micro server protected by RSVP or some other cheapo piece of ICE.

If they aren't checking remotes, start scoring your Superior Cyberwalls naked.

Honestly here, other than a Leela deck getting lucky hits on me - the only deck that I felt truly out of control against this one was a well tuned Reina Roja Headlock deck that got a couple or Scrubbers out early. I'm not sure what the best solution vs Headlock is yet though. :/ need more practice against that deck I think!