Hayley's Hidden Observatory

DrunkAlex 328

Still very much in testing/draft fase.

With the introduction of Hayley, I think this will be a great opportunity to try and accelerate the Shaper Stealth suite. With Hayley's ability + Replicator it is quite possible to install all the Lockpick and Silencer you need in a single turn.

Use Personal Workshop to make use of Hayley's ability in the corps turn (things like Replicator or Silencer). Use Modded for HQ Interface, R&D Interface, Box-E or Magnum Opus.

Use Tyson Observatory to find that elusive Plascrete Carapace or the single piece of hardware you need to increase reliability (it really sucks having a stealth rig and you can't find that single lock pick). Tyson is more of a wild card, I threw it in for increased reliability, but can probably be switched out for something else.

You can use Replicator for almost every single piece of hardware as it will benefit you to have multiple's of that type or you can use it to thin out your deck (mainly the other replicators or the other Box-E).

Any comments or critique is welcome. I'll be trying this deck out in the coming weeks, as tourney season is starting again.

28 Apr 2015 sruman

With Box-E as your console and akamatsu's for back-up, I would suggest dropping 1 silencer, 1 modded, and picking up 2 stimhacks (or 1 stimhack and 1 legwork). They will work great with personal workshop and smc.

With ability to tutor with tyson's , seems better to go with 1 box-e and 3 tysons, picking up some more precious influence.

Last thought is that with Magnum Opus out, I find Earthrise Hotel to be better than Quality Time -- 2 money clicks, 6 cards without big overdraw.