Jack in the Box (beta)

Spoonfunk 182

This is a deck list that I took to a tournament this last weekend. I took Biotech because although its a really interesting ID, I haven't really seen too many biotech ID's go the FA route.

A couple caveats about it first though. First I built the deck literally an hour and a half before the tourney with no testing. Second I put in some fringe cards just to see whether or not this particular deck strategy would make them better. Third I was trying to go with card selections that had more synergy with brewery but also really played into the FA strategy, hence no San Sans or trick since they really only seem to work (for me) in FA decks, not decks that want to do both. Fourth, I don't consider my self a top level player so any reference to the deck being good, come from watching it pilot and feeling the power of the deck. In other words I can imagine how this can pilot in the hands of someone experienced with it or just plain experienced at netrunner, so take that in account when reading this.

Basically this tries to lean more on the Greenhouse than the other options, although I did add in the valley grid ID from the Death punch deck list as an attempt to see how effective that strategy synergies with a kill strategy, just in case I wanted to go that route at a later date.

What I learned was that this deck has serious legs. How this deck won was by rushing out agenda's as fast as possible until the runner hit their mid game then building the scoring remote. The Valley grid goes into the remote so when they check it they reduce their hand size and if you still have your nisei counter you bounce them so they can't make a second run. Ideally you will use your greenhouse on a nisei within the first couple of turns behind a two ice remote with akitaro installed to make Chimera's and other cheap ice free or 1 or 2 credits. Biotic labor can both be used to score out medical breakthrough, braintrust or Philotic. or it can be used as a bluff for nisei or breakthrough that you have laid down during a scoring window.

Your kill condition is handled by mushin, overwriter, edge of world. Junebug can also kill but is more for getting your opponent to think twice before running remotes, I have since cut it however.

Overall I have learned some lessons and made some changes, I will post the updated deck here once I am done tinkering with it and I get a couple games in.