Butcher Shop Tribe SC Edit

itemzero 14

Removed 2x Universal Connectivity Fee and Reclamation Order and 3x Project Beale for: 2x Chum 3x TGTBT 1x Restructured Data Pool

Also swapped 2x Information Overload for 2x Troll.

Tourney Results: 14 players. In the Swiss rounds I went 1-1, 1-1, 1-1, 2-0. I flatlined every single runner. Nasir did not fare so well, only giving me one win. Although one was incredibly close -- I lost with 6 AP scored. If I had either pulled off that victory, or if two of the top guys hadn't had a timeout draw result, then I would've been in the Final Four. Oh well! This NEH deck did way better than I had hoped.

I don't think I repeated a single winning play twice.

  1. Standard Breaking News bait -> Scorched Earth + Traffic Accident.
  2. Runner accessed a TGTBT on click 4 which gave him a tag, then a double Scorched Earth.
  3. Runner stole an agenda -> Midseasons + Scorched Earth + Traffic Accident.
  4. I scored Breaking News at start of turn and then SE + TA.
27 Apr 2015 itemzero

Card notes:

I was a little doubtful of Sweeps Week before this tourney, but now I'm a believer. It was a huge econ generator for me in half of the matches and gave me the cred I needed for the Midseasons play. Interestingly, Sweeps Week actually became stronger against the player who realized I was running a kill deck...he'd keep more cards in his hand, and I could Sweeps Week for insane cred to pay for a Midseasons attack. In fact, I even Jackson'ed more Sweeps Week and played it 4 or 5 times in that one game.

While we're talking about economy, it's actually quite good and I don't think it needs any changes. Marked Accounts worked well and so did Melange.

I'm not so sure about the Chum. I only put it on the board once and in that case it was pretty "meh".

Putting in TGTBT was an excellent choice. It won me one game for sure, and was a potential path to victory in at least two others.

Wraparound was also really good. Pop-up Window is a keeper as well -- a decent tax. I even had a runner waste Parasites on them.

So really the only potential swaps I'm thinking about right now are Chum and Troll. Troll only made it into my hand once, so I don't have much data on it. Same for Chum. But either seem like they could be substituted.

27 Apr 2015 itemzero

I just cracked open my Breaker Bay data pack and had Gutenberg staring me in the face...definitely needs to go in. :)

27 Apr 2015 Saan

I'm experimenting with a deck with 3 Data Ravens and 2 Gutenberg as well. I also put in a couple TGTBTs like you did, and all of a sudden RND runs are tag-central. It really does a lot to force the runner to either go tag me or pay ridiculous amounts taking off tags.

I'm also on the fence about Reclamation Order, but it can make a good recovery tool from having to blast off a Plascrete if the runner just refuses to get caught by an Information Overload. So far I haven't found anything I like better, so it's still in.

28 Apr 2015 Warpstoned

I played a very similiar deck myself for a SC a month ago, netting me 3 place out of 26 with a 6-1 record ( All flatline kills )

I played - 1 Datapool, - 3 Melange, - 2 Chum; + 1 Utopia Fragment, + 3 Pad Campaigns, + 2 Pup. ( I played with the overloads)

The pups were amazing! Forcing a 2 cred tax on facechecking, or net damage, which is probably worse. Went with PADs for the higher trash cost, which worked fine to stress runner econ. Utopia was immediately shuffled vack in the deck or kept in hand, wherever safest - never to be scored. Could have been any 3-pointer really.

Also looking at Gutenberg for the deck. Dont know what to change atm though.

28 Apr 2015 itemzero

@Warpstoned Pup sounds like a good change, I'll have to try that out!