Five-point Exploding Honeybadger Technique

J0n3z 45

I basically took the Six-Point Exploding Heart Technique, tweaked the a little, added tricks of light to use in conjunction with Cerebral Overwriter. With the Overwriters as an option you can protect your shell corp with three different ambush/trap assets to really hurt the runner or confuse them with the Jinteki Shell game. I kept most of the taxing ice and tweaked to put some ETR ice in for the early game. With this concept I was trying to take advantage of the ability to "sit back" and "Corp Kati" a bit, making it more irresistable for the runner to run and giving the corp room to see what the runner is developing. If the Honeybadgers don't take the baitand plow into some brain death then biotic up and/or trick out some agendas off Cerebral.

I am also looking at putting in Mushin which I feel it may have a place in this deck over Celebrity Gift. I'm the type of corp player that likes to make the runner work for every bit of intel they can get, so a sub there will also allow you to mushin in the Overwriter with 3 tokens on it setting up the tricks. I may be overthinking this and may have too many pieces of a grand scheme hanging on specific card combinations.

21 Apr 2015 slobad31

Aren't Datapike and Pop-up Window anti-synergistic with Valley Grid? Both have subroutines that the runner would simply pay off, rather than break. Datapike might cost one more credit each time, but I would make that trade-off if the grid was on the table. I think Pop-up could definitely become a third Eli, and it would work well. Cortex Lock kind of falls into the same category, as the runner will likely just fill up their MU late game and let the subroutine fire for zero damage. However, it's amazing early game, and I think two is a good number for that.

I do really like the addition of Overwriters and Shell Corp. It goes a bit against the Edge of World play, where you never advance it, but the addition of Mushin may be able to remedy that, disguising one as the other. I think I would drop Snare for Mushin, personally, unless you're 100% sold on them. It just seems like Mushin would do more for you with Tricks and camouflaging Edge of World. I'll be testing this out tonight, for sure. Well done!