You Can't See Me v 1.0 (Stealth Nasir)

Shiiuga 1206

Inspired by No Sleep Natman. You know the deal, use Personal Workshop to dump all your credits mid run in to tasty treats to ruin the corp's day.

Atmania replaced by a stealth breaker suite and accompanying paraphernalia. Switchblade over Dagger because it's better and everyone knows Switchblades make you look way cooler. Inti is in over other Fracters because it's cheap to SMC out and you can PUMP IT UP and it will keep flexing until the run is done, just in case they stacked the barriers like CHUMPS.

Deus X and Sharpshooter to make nasty AP and Destroyer cards reconsider their value and mull over retiring to tend to their gardens instead.

Akamatsu Mem Chip is there as this is a more MU heavy deck than NSNatman.

Other than that it's pretty much business as usual for Nas. Previous versions of the deck didn't win often, but when they did it was hilarious. Replicating out the third R&D Interface on to Personal Workshop then Stimhacking in to R&D to install it just before access to grab the last 2 points you need is a hell of a sight.

Hopefully this version is a bit more robust. There will be a number of 'It's YOLO O'Clock' moments with this deck, but then isn't the last turn 'win-or-die' what Netrunner is really about?