The Labyrinth of Consciousness

CodeMarvelous 19736

This deck excels at making the runner have a terrible time because even if you do not land a kill with the valley if you have to break three ice to get in that is going to cost you tools.

and if you have to break ash you cannot run twice without dying.

I like this a lot and it is the beginning of my prep for when the new ID comes out.

8 Apr 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Might see Gyri Labyrinth finally get some play... especially since people are making the Corporate Troubleshooter + NEXT connection. Do you think you'd slot it in here?

9 Apr 2015 Dydra

Okey HOW do you exactly KILL him? With brain damage? Valley lowers his maximum hand size, which DOES NOT it deals damage to him.

So if he breaks 3 ICE and is with 5 cards .... and he hits edge for 3 brain ... that means he lowers to 2 cards and and 3 brain ... so his maximum hand ( at the end of the turn) will be 2 ( 3 brain) - 3 from Valley ... you are 0 ... because you can't go to -1 hand size ...

What do you kill him with then? Nothing? No Neural EMP, No Scorch, No HoK counters etc. etc.

imo, Neurals would be great here, or simply play Valley in Jinteki and import Cerebrals ...

9 Apr 2015 DrunkenGineer

Uh @Dydra, that scenario means the runner flatlines at the end of his turn when he has to discard cards to his maximum hand size of -1.

Page 20 of the rules pdf:

If the Runner takes more damage than the number of cards in his grip, or if he has a maximum hand size of less than zero at the end of his turn, then he is flatlined and the Corporation wins the game. "

9 Apr 2015 Heartthrob

I feel tricked...was hoping to see a Gyri's Labyrinth deck

10 Apr 2015 dmartel

Love the concept, looking forward to trying it out. Thanks CodeMarvelous!

10 Apr 2015 x3r0h0ur

God do I miss killing people in HB...

These days runners run EVERYTHING advanced. CO should be top of the heap. I do think Neural EMP is king though, especially with an Overscored Vitruvious, which becomes a real threat on double advanced remotes, making CO more likely to be hit.

I like manups with EMP....

Seems like a good start, can't wait for Ryon Knight too!

18 Apr 2015 Comfect

Nice deck! One question: why Viper? It seems like having traces weakens the Valley Grid approach, since they can not break them and instead just beat the traces (or one trace)?

21 Apr 2015 Ber

I really like this! Very nice use of Valley Grid, and I agree this is going to be really great with HB Cybernetics Division.

15 May 2015 ctxjckl

Been running this deck. It's very fun. I've found that laying multiple barriers really thwart the strong Cerberus "Lady" H1 right now. NEXT Gold is great as a late game rez for a kill/rig trash. Often times they don't see it coming and Mimic can't do anything about it without support. The best would be if they facechecked an Architect installed on a remote in front of Edge of World. Haven't pulled that off yet but I dream.