Paywall Response Team 1st place Cape Coral FL Store Champ

Karnek 22

This deck shares some similarities to other decks out there, namely Shark Tank and NEARPAD however I haven't seen any of those decks running currents, and maybe Paywall is just overlooked but it's a god damn rockstar in this deck. The most I've made from a single paywall so far is 18 credits, but I am hoping that number climbs even higher in future games.

Don't be scared to install agendas naked and play like you have balls of steel. The only thing I tend to not score or install are NAPDs and they typically sit in my hand or get thrown in the trash. If the runner steals them it's usually find, just don't leave astros sitting on the table too long. Breaking News is also a different type of agenda than most variants are running, but it's a complete game changer. Use it to close their accounts if they are sitting on piles of money then rez a city surveillance or two and put them in tag hell or if Kati Jones is loaded up take her out before they can benefit. Once a runner is full on tag me you're pretty much guaranteed a win since you can diversified, install beale, psycho to win if the game is in the late stages.

One other thing I should note is this deck is completely immune to the upcoming Clot card that will stomp the shit out of fast advance.

The only card you might consider swapping is Cyberdex if nobody in your meta runs noise, or uses imp recursion.

Future changes: When Gutenberg (2 credit rez 6 str sentry trace 7 for a tag if installed on R&D) is released later in the San San Cycle I will probably swap out a popup window for it as it's incredibly expensive to break multiple times and it's almost always going to be cheaper for the runner to take the tag. DRTs engage!