Tax and attack v2.0 [1st Oneonta store championship 2015]

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Weyland in SPACE!!!!!!!!

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Seriously, most flatline decks are pretty singularly focused, and most taxing decks can't stand up to a rediculous economy.

Welcome to tax and attack, which works well on both fronts.

This deck is 100% about your and your opponents choices. I often dont remember who the runner was because their breakers and abilities dont matter to me and my ice is porous and easily broken. It's simply what i put where, and what they run when. It's all mind games, and thats awesome.

The key is to never let up and never the the runner rest and build a safe hand and good rig.

The basics of the deck are to constantly tax the runner. Use popups and traces and their fear to keep them paying to see anything, and with only 7 agendas (1 out of every 7 cards), chances are they wont find much. gain money via popup and paywall and pad and the fact you need very few credits to operate, so clicking for credits isn't terrible.

Make the runner paranoid and threaten utter destruction with traps and damage operations. Then, when they've spent a ton of money and cards trying to check your hand and deck and that pad campaign, pop out a single agenda behind 1-2 ice that you're going to score next turn, but they dont have the cash to get to this turn

Play out assets often, making the runner facecheck and pay.

Hold those snares until you're sure they're not going to last run hand or legwork into 2, and lay them out once the runner is trying to check to make sure they aren't econ/jacksons. sometimes you'll have to overwrite a failed snare so you can jackson it back.

Try not to reveal jackson to early. Make them have as little info as possible and single draw if you have to. Jackson shouldn't be needed too much with 7 agendas, so save him for a flood or when you need to dig for punitive/scorched. also, when you're down to like a 10 card library, put 3 snares back in.

Dont just run out and double advance junebug early, they'll eat the 4 damage and live, and thats to their advantage. try and run it naked and/or behind ice, then triple advance it (bonus points for popup so you can always gain the 1 to pay) realize sometimes they wont check, and you can either sell it as gov takeover or just let up on the ruse. Junebug is your out again plascrete.

Sometimes you can run out a three pointer or a six pointer or two three pointers for them to purposely steal, in hopes to punitive, if you have the same or more cash.

A common early win is a naked takeover sever, ice in front of R&D, and either popup window or paywall campaign. popup and paywall ensure you'll end the turn with money in case of account siphons or the like, or you can just chance it. Let them steal, watch their panic as they can't get into R&D to win, then punitive for 6 and the win.

Learn when people check servers and when they dont. people will let often let you score a goverment agenda if you're not going to win on it rather than eat a 6 point junebug, but they will often check if its the win and they can, so try scoring an NAPD before bluffing a big junebug. if a junebug has 2 counters when your turn starts and you dont score it, people will assume it's no longer an agenda. snares and jacksons can only be bluffed if you've shown you'll leave pads and agendas and jacksons face down. some people will check every facedown card and jsut draw up protection, so use iced servers to confuse them.

Make sure to always ask "do you pay the one to access?"

Sometimes NOT rezzing ice you can clearly rez in front of an agenda will make the runner jack out because they're convinced its a trap.

The deck takes a fair amount of practice to get comfortable with what mindgames work and which dont, when to run out agendas naked, and when to run out traps. Once you start to get comfortable, though, it's an absolute blast.

20 Mar 2015 Oisin

With all those Snare!s, I'd love to see an Executive Boot Camp to interrupt, or at least hassle, Legwork runs.

20 Mar 2015 Restartt

@Oisin that's a good point, and it's great defense against a Kim deck or any legworkers. I may experiment with a build that cuts a piece of ice or two for it.

However, you'd almost never want to rez ice with it in this deck, so it's main use really is snare fetch. A lot of the time I find my hq isn't being accessed that much, or I already have a snare in hand and can't pay for two.

Not to mention fetching snares makes your R&D safer to run

Nevertheless, it's got promise. It's an extra asset, cheap to use with a decent ish trash cost, and that snare fetch vs multiaccess is dirty. If anyone else tests it, let me know.

23 Mar 2015 Restartt

Recent experiments have been: A) removing 1 enigma and 1 shadow for 2 Beanstalks (better low credit economy to pay for shell game traps) B) removing 2 NAPD for a 3 pointer (better punitives, less agendas) C) removing 2 junebugs for a overwriter (less traps, but a third damage type and hitting it make almost all future damage lethal)

The sneakiest kills have been getting jackson out behind an ice, drawing like mad to get 2 punitives and 6 agenda points in the trash. They run archives, assuming it'll just make me pop jackson. I do, but return snares, let them steal 6, and punitive 1-2 times for the win when they thought it was a safe run. and it makes sure they steal six, they dont just steal 3 and stop.

Worst matchup is versus kate. recurring deus x 3-4 times per game really negates a lot of the traps, the one link kinda hurts, and being able to plascrete and diesel/qualityTime before running means it's a lot harder to kill them. I try and stack trace ice in front of enigma in front of r&d vs this, so they if they run 3rd click and get a tag thinking they could clear it, then hit enigma, it could be lights out (or even hit a snare and take 2 total tags, just anything that means more tags than clicks left).

Most recent losses have been to the opponent scoring a super early turn 1-2 NAPD of makers eye or index when i'm trying to set up a punitive kill. I put out the bait and instead they score 2 and now i can't let them steal 6. Normally i want to either score an NAPD early so they have to facecheck every big trap in case i score a takeover and win, or at least have them at 0 so i can let them score to help my kills. But if they score an early NAPD, they dont have to check traps until i score again, and they can randomly win off any access, so i have to play a lot more defensive/tricky.

1 Jun 2015 Restartt

New version is up