Cloud Cap Store Championship 3/14/2015 1st Place: B-God

nobodyhasthis 1331

15 player tournament, 4 rounds of swiss, cut to top 4. Went 6-0. Opponents were Valencia, Kate, Ken, Leela, Leela, Leela.

I already got a regional's bye taking second in a previous store champ with Maxx and RP and I wanted to switch up my decks. I liked Maxx's performance a lot but RP didn't feel like the insurmountable behemoth it used to be. Spent a lot of time messing around with weyland and this was my favorite deck. It's a pretty simple fork strategy, if the runner can't get the agenda you score it, if they can you murder them with punitive.

Deck stand outs: Government Takeover + Punitive. It's pretty much the only way to kill anarch in a post 'I've Had Worse' world but it is extremely effective. It's worked so well over the last week I'm for real considering throwing a kitsune in this deck to fire it off easier.

Patch. It costs zero and always does work. Str 5 architect is super annoying against anyone that isn't running stealth andy. Throw it on an icewall or a datapike, throw it on lotus field, it doesn't matter just throw it out there. It's stupid and simple and great.

Susanoo. Can't be broken by deus x or sharpshooter, can't really be femmed because you're blue sun, does get stomped by switchblade but can be patched to drain another stealth credit. Generally operates as an ETR but dragging people through an architect or a taurus is a wild ride.

Wormhole. You're a 7 strength code gate that can do almost anything. I love you.

Mushin + the Grids. This old combo is perfect because it takes a stupid amount of credits and effort to turn off and if the runner does they'll be so drained of money that stealing an agenda makes them explode.

Utopia Fragment. Scoring this effectively wins you the game barring 10 card rnd digs.

Deck disappointments. Glenn Station. I never wanted to score it, and it's difficult to punitive. Thinking about replacing this with a three pointer.

Beanstalk. Not really a disappointment, just wish you were a hedge fund lil buddy. Also if you score Government Takeover the card is completely dead.

Summary: The field in this particular tournament was pretty small and I got to play against a very favored matchup for this deck three times (Leela). That being said I've played with it a bunch these last two weeks and I really enjoy it. I feel like there is always a way to play out of situations and a lot of setups you can do to guarantee victory. It's also a lot of fun to have a 6 advanced card sitting on the table that the runner knows is an agenda but are unable to steal because it would result in their immediate loss.

15 Mar 2015 Oisin

Interesting on Patch. I would have thought Housekeeping would do more work here given the ultra-low agenda density.

15 Mar 2015 johnnycreations

Def gonna try this out

15 Mar 2015 Dothanite

So I was driving home yesterday from a store championship and thought of this exact deck minus the Susanoo-No-Mikoto. I don't know whether to hate you for being so ahead of me you actually win with this deck the same day I build it, or to love you immensely for winning with a deck that has everything I love.

Either way, congrats for winning with an amazingly built deck. Definitely going to try this out!

17 Mar 2015 Adam500

This is very similar to a deck I took to my store championship this past Saturday. My version has an 8-card agenda suite to fit in Project Atlas, a 3rd Mushin, no Architect/Susanoo and a bit of Asset Econ.

I like the idea of Susanoo and think I will try it out very soon.

The other reason for the 8 card agenda suite in my version though was that I was hesitant to play Gov. Takeover. Too hard to score and I didn't want to risk Runner theft without Punitive in-hand.

17 Mar 2015 invictus_blue

This deck looks highly effective and like it's fun to play.

As soon as I saw how much of a mash-up your list is, I immediately imagined Bill Hader's Stefon telling us about it. "This deck has a little of everything..."

17 Mar 2015 IceRay42

I've been using OTG and Caprice in Jinteki as a moonbase way of scoring out Niseis and then just hardlocking the runner any time they threaten HQ, but I found that my builds were always unable of answering one question:

What do you do about Sneakdoor Beta? Even with Caprice and Crisium, if a Criminal goes after Archives, they get to bypass all your best laid defenses, and particularly since you're only packing two Crisium Grids in the first place, it's hard to keep them both online simultaneously. I love the build and I think it'll win more than it's fair share of games, I just know from experience that it's a pretty lousy feeling to know you've lost pretty much as soon as a single card hits the table.

18 Mar 2015 nobodyhasthis

@IceRay42 Sneakdoor Beta is pretty much a non-issue. Archives always gets naturally iced to make security testing unprofitable/turn off datasucker/give susanoo teeth. If they install sneakdoor, run through archives trash crisium, run through archives trash off the grid, run the agenda, they've probably spent ~20 credits and you're going to kill them with punitive, which is same scenario you've set up if they just ran hq.

18 Mar 2015 IceRay42


You're finding your second Crisium reliably enough to drop it on Archives? Remember that if a player uses Sneakdoor, any upgrades on HQ have no effect, so the very first run is successful, thereby trashing OTG. and freeing the runner up to chase the agenda. Even at 20 credits, a well timed Kati payoff is usually more than enough to make it through archives, grab the agenda, and survive at least one Punitive.

18 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

I honestly have no idea how you win with this. I have played 6 games and the government takeover has gotten picked off our of RD and HQ every single game without me having a punitive.

18 Mar 2015 nobodyhasthis

@IceRay42 You are incorrect on your interpretation of Crisium and Sneakdoor's interaction. Source is Lukas And if you're installing an agenda in a situation where you can't kill them or score, or it won't set up an additional scoring or murder window, that's player error. Just look at Kati and do some addition. Netrunner makes math fun.

@CodeMarvelous Law of the universe, for every game someone wins with GT somebody's getting GT sniped off a random RnD access and losing. And thus the world maintains balance ; ).

18 Mar 2015 IceRay42

Ap9logies, was operating off the ruling where Caprice doesn't have a chance to fire from the old Jinteki build, that helps considerably

18 Mar 2015 nobodyhasthis

@IceRay42It's no problem. Sneakdoor gets around Caprice on HQ because she fires after all the ice on her server has been passed, whereas Crisium simply negates all successful run effects.

20 Mar 2015 CodeMarvelous

@nobodyhasthiscan you post your quetzal deck

25 Mar 2015 nobodyhasthis

@CodeMarvelous It was card for card the same deck as Minh's first place Quetzal deck but I did pretty poorly with it, going 3-2. Pilot error imo. Here's a link to list he posted on stimhack for reference: