Industry Secrets (Store Championship Undefeated)

arccollie 732

I'm finally getting the chance to sit down and type up the description of this baby, so here goes:

  • "First off, why Industrial Genomics?"

A close friend of mine has played PE as his competitive deck since we started the game around a year ago, so I'm very familiar with Jinteki's workings as a faction. He eventually came to the realization that PE as an identity was good, but the same archetype could be run with other IDs. The PE identity ability is only really going to make or break a game if the runner hit a Fetal AI; otherwise, it's just an annoyance that they will plan for. IG makes a much larger impact throughout the game - ignore the card's current text and replace the ability with "Snares and Shocks in R&D/HQ and Ronins out on the field are extremely costly to trash." That's the direction we're running with.

You're playing this like you would normally play PE, for the most part. Score a House of Knives as soon as you're able, (don't be afraid to install it in the open - most runners are too scared of Snares to run an early open remote, and even if they get it, it's only one point.) Get a Komainu/Enigma/both on Archives as soon as possible. In the perfect game, you want a Komainu on each central server.

From there, toss out some Ronins and advance them slowly. Power Shutdown as you're able, especially when you can snipe something important. (Discarding 0 and killing a Faerie, anyone?) During runs is when you're aiming for kills - Hokusai Grid should safely be able to sit in important servers without much trouble, and you want to keep House of Knives counters for when they'll really hurt. Dump your Shocks into Archives as soon as you're physically able, of course.

  • "But what about economy?"

Yes, the deck is very light on economy. I didn't find it to be a huge issue; not rezzing much ICE made my credit supply pretty consistently at a decent level. Celebrity Gifting a Snare to scare off the runner is always fun, but be sure to not -ever- show a Scorched, or even Neurals in most cases.

Specific card breakdown:

  • Braintrust is a debatable agenda, and you can swap it out for two Future Perfects. I liked having more 3 costers for when I need to work on scoring, (meaning, the runner is playing extremely defensively,) and can bluff one out in the open. It's preference between those two options.

  • Fetal AI is a kill card, but you can throw it out if it's on top of a Hokusai or behind a Komainu, (or both!) I scored a couple at the tournament because it was so dangerous to run into it.

  • Hostile Infrastructure. I like it because a) it has a high trash cost of its own, and b) it makes trashing a Ronin/Snare/anything else even more costly than it already is. It also helps a LOT against Eater/Keyhole decks.

  • Ronin. If you have Archives full of facedown cards, you can just let this sit MENACINGLY out in the open and advance them at your leisure. I had two games where I got double-Ronin kills. They're non-optional.

  • Snare! and Shock! are no brainers. Put Shocks in Archives as soon as you're able. Generally, you want to keep Snares in your hand, but if the runner is being aggressive with hitting your remotes, you could throw one out, (again, especially onto a Hokusai if possible.) The downside to installing it rather than keeping it in your hand is that it eliminates the need to trash it, so they'll just ignore the high cost you've been working for and let it sit there.

  • Hokusai Grid is the MVP of this deck. At a base trash cost of 4 that will only get higher, it's a guaranteed extra net damage with each run. That means hitting a Snare in HQ will deal 4 on top of any HoK counters, plus tag them. You can put it in a remote along with a Snare or Fetal for a nice little ambush as well.

  • Celebrity Gift, Hedge Fun, and Jackson Howard are all no brainers and don't need an explanation. :P

  • Power Shutdown is HUGE in this deck. I mean, seriously huge. It synergizes so well with your identity it's nuts. You can snipe something like a Faerie, Cloak/Lockpick/etc., console, or anything else that might be important to the runner, while simultaneously adding facedown cards to your Archives in the process. (Well, not for Faerie, but you get the point.) 3 of these is mandatory.

  • Scorched Earth. Probably just as equally as important as Power Shutdown as far as influence spending goes, I got two flatlines in a row with a SE on runners that forgot about Snare/Account Siphon tags. If you're going for a kill with this alongside Neural EMP, USE THE NEURALS FIRST. To give an example, let's say a runner has 5 cards in hand. If you Scorched and hit an I've Had Worse, then they're back up to 4 cards, and Neural EMP won't kill them. If you don't hit the IHW with the Scorched, the Neural will hit it without flatlining them. Hitting your EMP(s) first to get them down to 3 cards before using Scorched will mean a flatline if you don't hit the IHW with the EMPs.

  • Enigma. Just one, and you could sub in another ETR ICE if you wanted. I usually throw it on Archives. Nothing too fancy.

  • Shiro. A debatable card - I had success with it on OCTGN, then never once used it at the tournament. It can be nice to try and make the runner hit Snares and the like, but once your ambushes are out of R&D, it becomes counterproductive. You could take this out as well for another Neural EMP or Hostile Infrastructure if you like, (I did for another EMP after the tournament.)

  • Eli 1.0. I should stress that the point of this deck is NOT to stop them from getting into your servers, but to let them in and punish them for doing so. Eli allows the runner to get in at the cost of 2 clicks if they're willing to spend it, and spending those two clicks to get in only to hit a Snare can win you the game.

  • Komainu. Bread and butter of net damage decks, nothing to see here.

  • Swordsman. Specifically for hating on Eater, really.

Possible Tinkering!

  • Sundew, Shell Corp, and Medical Research Fundraiser are all possible economy cards. I just didn't feel like Sundew was worth the deck space when I tried it initially, since runners tended to trash it regardless of cost, or if nothing else, just spend the click to prevent the credit gain. PAD Campaigns and Mental Health Clinics would also be decent options.

  • Shi.Kyu is where I've gotten into a lot of discussions with people. While a lot of folks consider it a staple for IG, I personally didn't find it entirely necessary to get a flatline, but it's still a great option and is a perfectly good addition to the deck.

  • Mushin No-Shin. You could use it in the same since that Cambridge tends to, if you'd like, but that'd ideally be for if you're running Future Perfects as well. I'm just not a huge fan of the card, but again, it's another one of those that isn't bad and could be added if you personally like it.

  • Architect. Architect gets an honorable mention as it's one of my favorite ICE in the game right now. Putting one of these babies in front of a remote can be devastating - for example, let's say you installed a House of Knives in a new remote with Architect in front of it. The runner goes at the server and can't break it. You now can install a Shock/Snare/whatever over the HoK, trashing it before the runner can access it. You'd have to drop a Power Shutdown, but running one could definitely have some benefit. The downside to this is that it's another sentry, which you're already (comparatively) heavy on compared to the other subtypes of ICE.

  • Pup/Inazuma. Cheap ICE that give you some little pokes of net damage. Wouldn't be my first pick, but hey, if you want 'em, go for it.

8 Mar 2015 TechnoZ

@arccollie congrats on doing well with such an interesting deck! Would you mind posting your comments about the deck and card choices so that people reading can understand why you chose certain cards?

8 Mar 2015 arccollie

@TechnoZ Sure thing! I actually planned to but I've not had time to sit down and actually type it up since the tournament. It should be up by late tonight or tomorrow.

9 Mar 2015 spiralshadow

I too would be interested in hearing about some of the lines in this deck. Looks great though!

9 Mar 2015 IonFox

Well you're probably going to make an excellent write up soon but I'm a terribly impatient person (sry) so I'll just throw a few questions down first.

1) Economy. Why did you choose to not run any asset economy? Stuff like MHC, Sundew, PADs, would all do well, which in turn encourages the inclusion of turtlebacks.

2) How do you manage your flatlines? Power shutdown rarely hits feedback filters or plascretes, and I've Had worse appears to stymy most flatline attempts.

3) How do you even become awesome enough to build and play IG? I've been trying for ages (kinda) and I never seem to be able to make it work.

Congratulations, this looks like a really interesting build.

9 Mar 2015 IonFox

To build on my first question, what are your thoughts on shifting away from operation economy (celebrity gift in particular) to a more asset based one?

9 Mar 2015 IonFox

Also, wouldn't a keyhole eater deck just brutally destroy this?

9 Mar 2015 arccollie

@IonFox Keyhole/Eater is strong against Jinteki in general, unfortunately, but yes, it's rough. Keeping your Shocks in Archives and a Komainu in front of it will help protect it from their scoring runs, and just try to have a Jackson out whenever you can.

9 Mar 2015 IonFox

@arccollie Alright thanks! I'm currently tinkering with a 54 card IG, and I'm not sure if scorch is worth it, but it definitely bears testing. Thanks!

9 Mar 2015 TechnoZ

Inb4 Keyhole / Eater decks start to include archives interface

9 Mar 2015 Dydra

Just my 2 cents of wisdom, as a person who runs Jinteki for a living, Celebrity Gift in Jinteki "facedown decks" (usually PE and traps) is a no-no. Any decent player will immediately use that information you give him to decide the exact possible outcomes of him running a facedown card in your next few turns, and play around that.

9 Mar 2015 jakodrako

``@IonFox` This deck is actually set up to just shit all over Keyhole decks, especially Eater ones. Hokusai Grid over R&D means unstoppable net damage for every Keyhole run that they can't access and trash, as does Hostile Infrastructure. If you have Hokusai over R&D and just one Hostile rezzed, that's 2 net damage every time they want to Keyhole. Yikes.

10 Mar 2015 Lastmemori

executive boot camp!

10 Mar 2015 arccollie

@Lastmemori That... would just not be good in this deck. :p There's very little ICE, and what there is needs to be an ambush. Influence is also pretty precious and there's not really room to splash it.

10 Mar 2015 Lastmemori

@arccollie I'm thinking only as a search for snares and shocks. might not be worth it in this deck but in my Jenteki I put it down it baits a run which is taxing or they run my hand and I search up a snare in response

18 Mar 2015 4dd150n

This is one of the funnest decks I've ever played. It definitely taps into the more sadistic areas of my reptilian brain.

BZZZAAAP! You're dead!

18 Mar 2015 arccollie

@Addison Glad to hear it!

18 Mar 2015 us0rman

what about Chairman Hiro? Should work well with ronin and neural emp, or others kill combos