Find the agenda


5 Mar 2015 Father Tork

I played something almost Identical. With Shock!, Snare!, and especially Shi.Kyū, would you consider playing Kitsune as an Ice?

5 Mar 2015 Trypios

Have you considered an Utopia Fragment in place of one of the PRs? Will make runner's life harder in case of an Inside Job or a break-in. Looks like a shell deck, but difficult to perform because of the 5/3s...

6 Mar 2015 XTVB

@Father Tork I'm not sure if I'd run Kitsune, Ice space feels kind of tight just to force them to run into a Shi.Kyu/Snare. I only really want them to run into 1 Sh.Kyu so I can force them to take it and they have to find half the agendas and I generally don't struggle to do this, remember Shi.Kyu goes off also in archives so I occasionally throw them in there if they want to do any datasucker shenanigans.

@Trypios Utopia Fragment would be great, alas I don't own it, once I do I'll probably switch it out. It's not really a shell deck, most of the traps are there to slow them down and make RD a pain to go through for low chance of an agenda, the game plan is to build up a strong remote with the beefier Ice and have a lot of taxing RD/HQ ice making central accesses costly for them for little gain, then I just need to score 2 of the agendas defended by Nisei while they probably have to score 3 of them if they get hit by even 1 Shi.Kyu (which almost always happens, haven't had a game yet where it hasn't gone off)