Stimshop Sage Concept

DrunkAlex 328

Another one of my attempts to make CT Sage work. Previous decks were slow and dependant of each other in terms of hosting or order of play. This led to rather clunky/janky situations that rarely paid off. The fastest form of CT deck I at least know is Stimshop. This is actually pretty nice for Sage and Creeper because they are expensive cards. I also believe this deck is a little less dependant in terms of play order. As long as you don't throw down MO at the first opportunity, Sage's strength shouldn't be the biggest issue in the early game.

Magnum Opus might seem out of place with Sage, but The Toolbox and MemStrips compensate wonderfully for it. With Diesel+Quality Time it is safe to say that getting either 2x MemStrips or 1x MemStrips and 1x The Toolbox fast is a fairly big chance.

Available - used = Sage Strength

To my knowledge, S6 is generally what is needed to get through most of the stronger Code Gates and Barriers. e3 Feedback Implants and The Toolbox will keep the breaking costs down. Once you get an extra MemStrips it goes up to S9

Data Folding helps with getting a little bit extra out of all extra . Daily Casts is as extra side econ. I might replace it with Feedback Filter/Indexing.

Why Magnum Opus over Professional Contacts?

Mainly the econ. Shaper has better draw power with Quality Time and Diesel. I noticed that ProCo just didn't cut it as an econ engine once my rig started to take shape. Especially since Sage also needs so much (expensive) support cards to keep it going.