Harmony City v2

LynxMegaCorp 1335

Here's my (so far successful) Harmony Medtech 'Fast Advance'! Version 2!

  • Its smaller size and lower score requirement means I can set up quicker and put pressure on the runner right away.

  • The general plan is to Ice whichever central you feel will be most vulnerable (HQ against criminals, R&D against Shapers, etc.), then start a remote that'll host all your tricks (SanSan City Grid, Caprice Nisei and potential Cyberdex Trial to bait runs!)

  • Ice are cheap, efficient and great for early game (as you don't want the duel going on for too long). Marker allows Snowflake and the Sentries to do more work. I generally place ETR over the central at risk and taxes (Yagura, Sentries) over the other(s). Wall of Thorns and Komainu are great on your score, thanks to the risk of Fetal AI!

  • There are two ways to make money, and just one trigger of Celebrity Gift or two Melange Mining Corp. can provide all the you need! One great combination is to gift at least 1 Subliminal Messaging, then use it.

  • Shock! is there to punish multi-random access, while Fetal AI is a great tempo hit in an already stressful situation. I've actually managed to kill with Philotic Entanglement once because the runner didn't take the sporadic jolts seriously.

  • Cyberdex Trial (while 1 might not be enough to be reliable) can hose virus-based decks. Medium? Place on R&D. Just put it where you need it, or use it yourself if you can afford it in order to make Archives a no-go.

Version 2 changes:

-2 Braintrust, +1 Fetal AI, +2 NAPD Contract

-1 Jackson Howard, -1 Melange Mining Corp., -1 Shock! +1 Daily Business Show, +2 Private Contracts

  • Changes were made with taxation in mind!