CT's Science Project V2

DrunkAlex 328

Still very much in testing/concept phase. This deck started out as a Sage deck, found here. I used Ekomind and Public Sympathy before to boost the strength of Sage, it worked but found it not really effective.

This deck uses the MU overflow made from Public Sympathy and Ekomind for multiple things:

  • Scorched Earth protection: 1 Public Sympathy isn't the best protection, so it is important you want 2 in play.

  • Overmind counters. The first Overmind will probably have only a handful, but once Eko and PS get going you will get a nice pool. It gives you an awesome choice between using the counters for breaking or using e3 support. Anything above S4 you should use D4v1d and preferably e3.

  • Data Folding is an unusual econ card and doesn't work for most decks. This is different, at worst it's 1 cred per turn (almost empty hand or net/scorched attack) per card at best it could ramp up 3-4 credits per turn with a single card (2xPS=9 cards in hand+1 MU from CT and -2 MU from Lep+Overmind). Essentially your hand+card draw=money

Finally you could use Code Siphon and Test Run to find D4v1d and Magnum Opus as Overmind and econ support.

27 Feb 2015 sruman

I believe that when you use Levy you will be reduced down to 1 memory (0 cards + 1 for CT) or maybe even 0 depending on ruling. This could cost you all your installed programs so I don't think Levy is the right card for this deck (not sure you need it either).

27 Feb 2015 DrunkAlex

Good point. I'm also not sure how it goes with the ruling. At first it was an Indexing, but I switched it out for levy to make sure I don't run out of cards. I'll have to look into that.

27 Feb 2015 Runaway

Yeah, Ekomind and Levy AR Lab Access don't play well together, but CT allows you to keep 1 MU during the Levy. ANCUR ruling here

27 Feb 2015 DrunkAlex

Ok, well good to know :) . Thankfully LARLA isn't a linchpin in the deck. I'll just switch back to Indexing or something else. Could also just kick Ekomind and PS and use good old fashioned mem chips. A little bit more expensive, but almost as effective. Could switch out 3x PS for 3x CyberSolutions Mem Chip and Ekomind for something else, like legwork or desperado.

27 Feb 2015 sruman

Always the new memstrips for pure mem-for-money efficiency.

27 Feb 2015 Sotek

Doesn't Data Folding only give one cr per Folding per turn, maximum? It's not 1cr/2 unused MU, it's just straight up 1cr/turn, conditionally.

27 Feb 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Sotek You are correct its only 1 credit per turn ud need 3 to get 3 credits per turn. also @Weezel really is Ekomind worth it your looking at +8MU with all the public sympathy's really you need to ask how much MU do you need as for the same Influence and less setup and not requiring 12 cards or so in hand and not getting screwed by your own LALA you could take 3x MemStrips as @sruman points out.

28 Feb 2015 DrunkAlex

All very good points. Clearly remember the Data Folding card wrong. I'll just rework the deck from the ground up when it comes round again. Just using mem strips is a lot better option. I find Data Folding a very interesting card, but the precise wording does change a lot.

I do appreciate the input a lot! Thanks for it all :).