Recidivism - Aggro version

DrunkAlex 328

[ri-sid-uh-viz-uh m]


1. repeated or habitual relapse, as into crime.

2. Psychiatry. the chronic tendency toward repetition of criminal or antisocial behavior patterns.

Everybody has that 1 ID, that one ID they keep getting back to. You think to yourself 'I really should try different archetypes/ID's.' But you always keep coming back. For me, it's Gabe. The Crim ID everybody knows it's good, but is always overshadowed by Andy and now also Leela (at least in my local meta).

The basis of this deck is clear and everybody knows it.

The card I really want to pull attention to is Eater, Eater is the new Knight for Gabe. Having Eater early game makes Account Siphon unstoppable. It also chews through any remote for Bank Job and TBH, I think Security Testing should also be in this deck (maybe -1 ES, -1 Bank and +2 ST).

Gabe likes centrals, so Passport is a new auto include for me. I use Eater on remotes for bank job and keep Rex in handy for scoring remotes.

may seem a bit low, but this isn't Shaper. You play with the tricks you got. I haven't played this new version extensively yet and I haven't yet had the need to play full rig.

I included Lawyer Up because I'm not yet sure if I want to go full Tag-Me with this deck. Tag-Me is kind of becoming a gamble with a slow, but steady increase in Tag punishment (still not sure if Traffic Accident will be a thing).

Another variation: -1 Utopia Shard, -1 Femme Fatale, +1 Mimic, +1 Faerie