Zero Liability (Weyland 8 Agenda Meat Damage)

sladextekno 82

This is a high-risk, high-reward deck whose primary win condition is flatline. It looks to leave openings, then punish the runner for taking them.

The key to this deck is the 1x2 3x6 agenda composition - the strongest late-game against random accesses, according to this article. The cheap ICE helps the deck get there.

Other strengths of the agenda spread: * Punitive Counterstrike will almost always hit for 3, at least. * less Agendas = more space for other cards. * zero bad reputation.

The reason you don't want to run 21 points (1x3 3x6) is how much weaker it is to random accesses (again, see link above). Remember, the goal of this deck is to let the runner succeed on runs and punish him, not to push agendas.

However, the Agenda comp does have its weaknesses: * less burst economy = less credit for traces = no SEA Source. * no Project Atlas. See note about Jackson Howard below. * very difficult to run Archer.

Why run... Grim? It's a substitute for Archer. Its lack of ETR is manageable because at some point, you want to let the runner through. Only 1 Data Raven? It's a card you actually don't want out too often because it discourages running. Late game, it's the ICE you want to advance Agendas behind. Green Level Clearance? This deck doesn't have the economy to play Restructure consistently. I'm considering switching it out for Pad Campaign for a more Never-Advance style and using the Influence for an extra Data Raven. Off The Grid? For when the player is being too cautious. Also couples well with DRT.

How To Play:

Use the cheap ICE to advance and score a 3/5 Agenda ASAP, then focusing on baiting the runner into tags for DRT and Scorched.

The deck plays slightly differently if the first Agenda you score is Government Contract. Use the economy you gain to install every piece of ICE you draw, set up DRT in a remote, then drop Off The Grid.

Notes: * Punitive Counterstrike is more a setback than a win condition. Use it to disrupt the runner's tempo after a successful run. * Remember to rez DRT in response to any tags. * Jackson Howard is very good in this deck. You are as unlikely to draw Agendas as the runner is because of the light Agenda spread, so feel free to draw past your hand size to dig for what you need. Recycle Agendas first, then Snares!

20 Jan 2014 x3r0h0ur

I'm not sure if its the best, but playing 3x aggressive negotiation to replace project atlas counters works with with an "always advance" mindset which reinforces running ghost branch, and scoring 3 pointers...if played well then you could have a click left over to use agg neg to get punitive. Just a thought to help you get that shit sooner.

23 Jan 2014 PeekaySK

If you're really serious about flatlining, I'd consider trying to fit in Archived Memories in there, somewhere. It basically allows you to spend a Scorched clearing Carapaces, and still have it around for the kill.

6 Feb 2014 Gasparov

I really like this deck but : - it lacks ways to tag the runner - Dedicated Response Team seems useless since the runner always remove the tag during his turn. It works well with Data Raven, but that's all...