The Samsung Deck

DrunkAlex 328

Another iteration of my PPVP Kim deck. Cut most of the fat (last version had 46 cards) and finally have the feeling this is a solid form.


The very first version of this deck had Day Job as its main econ driver. I used Earthrise, Vigil and Daily Casts to provide a passive support in order to make Day Job work better. Especially in the mid/late game I sometimes became very reluctant to plan it in fear of too much tempo loss. Therefore I decided to switch to Lucky Find. LF and PPVP is a pretty standard combo by now, with explanation of it's benefits done to death. The benefits go further though, as 1 PPVP makes I've Had Worse the equivalent of a Diesel with an extra trigger. DL of course become way more efficient, going from 'meh' to good. It also makes Special Order even better, making all your icebreakers essentially '2 clicks to search and install any icebreaker'. The passive draw from Vigil and ERH gives me the ability to focus more on running and gaining credits.

The rest:

The biggest head breaker for me, was how to compensate for Yog.0. Yog still shines in many ways, but its glory days are kinda over. By now there are plenty of ways to work around Yog with the biggest culprit being of course Lotus Field. Sure you can Yog+PT and work in D4v1d, but that is 3 cards to work around its limitations. In the end I wanted it too keep it simple and added Passport. In fact, going central only is something you want to do with Kim anyway, for you aren't going to find operations in remotes. Go for Passport first and when you really need to go the remotes (and there are no other options), you can also get Yog.

The rest is very straightforward. Critique, comments or questions are always welcome and appreciated. Cheers, HipsterWeasel