Superdig, or "How to play Netrunner solitaire as a Runner"

jinsaku 167

The goal of this deck is to draw out your deck while dropping out your rig and do one single R&D run for 25-30 cards by turn 10, which generally is enough to access your opponent's entire deck.

This deck has gone through many iterations. It first started while I was playing around with Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe and Blackmail recursion. I quickly realized that multi-access would help a lot better, so I started focusing on that with Hivemind and Medium tricks, utilizing Surge and Virus Breeding Ground, which then evolved into a single Blackmail superdig deck.

It was consistently doing an R&D run for 25+ cards on turn 8 or 9, but it was super fragile. If my opponent used Oversight AI or removed their Bad Publicity, for example, the deck couldn't overcome it. I started running Darwin, when coupled with Hivemind would give you a great icebreaker for one run. With the presence now of Eater everywhere, people will be running Swordsman. I had to account for that as it's a hard counter to Darwin, so Mimic ended up forcing his way in, making the MU needed for the rig up to 7 and requiring Progenitor.

Now that I had the core of the deck built, I looked at the ID. Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe didn't make much sense anymore. The 50 deck size and the extra space required for Blackmail when I had to put in workarounds for when it didn't work anyway allowed me to look into alternate Anarch IDs.

Unfortunately, for a superdig deck, none of the IDs had any relevant abilities nor more than 15 influence. Noise was the closest, but I'm looking to do one big R&D run. I don't want a smaller R&D or a bunch of Agendas in the archives.

I ended up settling on Quetzal: Free Spirit. She's the only one with a semi-relevant ability.

This deck has gone through hundreds of simulated games (the deck plays solitaire) and a dozen iterations and is very difficult to play correctly.

Again, the goal of the deck is to do one multi-access run for your opponent's entire R&D, or at least as close as you can get to it. This deck will draw itself out by turn 10 unless you have extraordinary bad luck, or play the deck incorrectly. About half of the time, it'll happen turn 9. Sometimes, it'll work out perfect and happen on turn 8.

How to play:

The money and card draw in the deck is very tight. The overlying goal for the deck is to minimize clicking to draw a card or gain a credit. Generally, these scenarios are preventable, but it definitely can happen that a math mistake on turn 3 can cause you to miss your window on turn 9.

Your opening hand should have both a money card (except Daily Casts or Prepaid VoicePAD) and a draw card. If not, you should mulligan. At worst case, you need a draw card in your opening hand to prevent clogging (Diesel is obviously best, but Express Delivery or I've Had Worse are also good.

Every turn, at the start of your turn, you need to make sure you have at least 5 credits (including any credits on Prepaid VoicePAD). This will prevent you from having to click for credits.

Always draw first. Drawing correctly is the key to playing this deck. However, discard management is extremely important. This deck is very tight, and there are very few approved discards before turn 6 or 7. A second Grimoire is fine to discard, but you can never discard Hivemind, for example.

Playing with your hand size in this deck is an art form, and one of the keys to playing it correctly. You want to aim to always try to be as close to your hand size at the end of every turn. This allows you more options in subsequent turns. With 6 hand-size modifiers, you'll generally have one early, and often two.

Dumping cards in your hand and building your rig while you go is very important. Often times, you'll have a click or two left in your turn and not able to use a draw card for fear of discarding. This is when you drop your items. Same Old Thing and Progenitor are free, everything else in the deck costs 3. Managing your money is exceptionally tough, but as long as you don't start a turn below 5, you should generally be good.

If you have no card draw and you don't have an Earthrise Hotel in play with counters and you don't have enough stuff in your hand for the number of clicks you have left and money available to put into play, that's the only time you should click to draw. Every click to draw you take slows you down. This deck is all about click compression. Clicking to draw or clicking for a credit are always worse than the alternative.

This deck used to run 3 Surge, and your final turn would go something like this, assuming you had 4 of the 7 pieces of the rig out by then:

1) Mass Install the final 3 pieces of the rig.

2) Surge Hivemind.

3) Surge Hivemind.

4) Amped Up (having Same Old Thing out in case your Stimhack or 3rd Surge gets brain damaged)

5) Surge Hivemind.

6) Stimhack R&D. You now have a minimum 8-9 strength Darwin to break through any ice, should have 5-8 cards in hand to deal with possible Snares and a few extra credits in the bank.

With Grimoire, 3 Medium with a token and Hivemind with 8, that's a 28 card access.

The current version is a bit more stable. It cut a Surge and a Same Old Thing for two Incubators. The idea is, if you drop an incubator early, that saves the possibility of having to Amped Up on your run turn. If they purge viruses, even better, because that means that they've skipped a turn and you have more time.

In short, managing your resources in this deck is likely more difficult than most any other Netrunner deck. There are definitely some silver bullets to this deck (Cyberdex Virus Suite, Jinteki core, Housekeeping). This is as close to a runner version of a solitaire Netrunner game as you can get.

Some places you can tweak the cards around:

Prepaid VoicePAD is a very skill intensive card in this deck. You can change two out for Daily Casts and while you will have fewer choices early game, the deck will be simpler to play, albeit slightly slower.

You can swap out Incubator x2 back to a 3rd Surge and a second Same Old Thing. This makes for a more bursty last turn.

You can fit in a second Mass Install for click compression. This makes the deck also a bit easier to play but it's tough to find room for the card.

Express Delivery x2 is in the deck in place of one Diesel. Express Delivery is specifically a last resort card to play if you have no other draw cards to go find an actual draw card. Express Delivery is click compression in this deck.

Good luck. I suggest running the deck in solitaire mode yourself a few dozen times to figure out the nuances. If you haven't drawn out your deck, played your full rig and superdigging by turn 10 every game, turn 9 most games, and every once in a while on turn 8, you're doing something wrong.

7 Feb 2015 Dread Sovereign

Cyberdex Virus Suite at the start of the run?, you access one card. if you even make it through the server.

8 Feb 2015 vampire0

In order for them to do that, they would have to see this coming and not just think the Runner was floundering... seems unlikely.

8 Feb 2015 fiveplus5is55

Interesting, have you ever thought playing around with game day and beachparty?

8 Feb 2015 pruneface

I've been playing a Maxx OTK deck, and other threats I've found that are more likely that Cyberdex installed which a) they need to draw and b) need to have in their deck to even begin with:

-Nisei Mk.II counter (scored) -Caprice Nisei on R&D -Ash on R&D (and lots of money)

All of these things require you to make two runs instead of the one, though Caprice is variable she could keep you out the whole time until they purge the click after. All of these are good cards in and of themselves, and see play in top tier corp decks (RP, HB classic, Ash splash in weyland and NBN vanilla glacier).

That said, I think it's a powerful archetype, and actually quite fun to play. I prefer Maxx + redudancy though.

8 Feb 2015 pruneface

Three other things about playing this style of deck. NEH is a pain because they will often be in a position to win around turn 7-8, especially if you don't react to a rezzed SanSan (fast track astrochaining). RP is a pain because there is no guarantee you can steal enough points to win (NAPD, future perfect). PE is a pain because 5-8 cards is not enough (snare, fetal + score is six damage alone) In such matchups I think you need a dig deck which is flexible enough to alter the gameplan to improve the odds. Solitare loses vs. corps who know what you're up to.

8 Feb 2015 Dydra

I found an error in the final sequence you post.

In order for you to use Surge the virus (Hivemind ) must have received a virus counter this turn. The only one to get counters on Hivemind is either by installing it in the same turn, or Virus Breeding Ground or Incubator ....

That aside .... interesting deck, however I'd really want to see it work ... maybe if you record some game it would be interesting?

Also, don't you just suicide into a PE deck? Especially since you have to Access in order, rather than at your choosing (for example from archives)

8 Feb 2015 lajcik

You should run a single copy of Demolition Run - it basically allows you to dump their R&D into Archives without fear of accessing anything nasty. It negates Snares, Jinteki PE, the new Cyberdex virus ambush and so on.

If you could do two Demo runs on R&D you could win by them having an empty R&D. Fun times.

8 Feb 2015 lajcik

Bah, I shouldn't be posting when I'm sick. Demo doesn't prevent ambushes. But it basically nullifies PE, Argus, and helps against those NAPDs. It's a fun option to try.

8 Feb 2015 jinsaku

@Lajcik: Yeah, Hivemind comes out the turn I run, so it can be Surged.

8 Feb 2015 Oisin

@Dydra, I am betting that you install Hivemind off of the Mass Install, and Hivemind gains a virus counter when you install it.

13 Feb 2015 moistloaf

"This deck has gone through hundreds of simulated games (the deck plays solitaire) and a dozen iterations and is very difficult to play correctly."

What is meant by this? Are you using software? or you've solitaire'd it hundreds of times yourself

13 Feb 2015 CrimsonWraith

Solo trials on OCTGN, starting up w/nobody else in the lobby and drawing the deck out. I was running simulated games myself helping him tweak the list throughout the past couple of weeks. =)

15 Feb 2015 Ghandian

In the current decklist, you've only got 2x Surge, so does that mean you just hope that the Stimhack doesn't get killed by the Amped Up brain damage?

15 Feb 2015 CrimsonWraith

There's a couple different ways that can play out.

The version I played in a tournament a couple weeks ago ran 3x Surge, 0x Incubator, 1x Amped Up and 2x Same Old Thing, and I would have Same Old Thing installed pre-combo, so that my combo turn would consist of Mass Install, Surge, Surge, Amped Up, giving me three clicks left. If the Amped Up brain damage hit the third Surge or Stimhack, I had an extra click to use Same Old Thing and still pull the whole combo off.

Jinsaku still has that possibility here with Same Old Thing, but with the Incubators in this list, he's less reliant on Amped Up and often doesn't even need to play it.

15 Feb 2015 Ghandian

So in Jinsaku's list, is the way to play it more along the lines of using Surge on the Incubators when they're installed (probably turn before power run), and then having the power turn as Mass Install, Incubator, Incubator, Stimhack?

(I'm really wanting to run this deck, just want to make sure I understand most of the theory first ;) )

15 Feb 2015 CrimsonWraith

The nice thing about this version is that it's more flexible. Ideally, you'll get one Incubator out a couple turns early and the Corp does not purge, giving you the same effect of a Surge but with an additional counter or two on the combo turn. Surges are now the back-up plan, presumably to be used on Hivemind if the Corp purges the turn before the combo turn. You don't want to use Surge on the Incubators pre-combo, you'll just force the Corp to purge and then your back-up plan's gone.

So Mass Install, Incubator, Incubator, Stimhack is now the ideal situation, where you got both Incubators out early and the Corp has not purged in a couple turns. Mass Install, Incubator, Surge, Stimhack, where you got one Incubator out early and the Corp has not purged, is probably a more regular occurrence. Heck, you could Mass Install, Incubator, Surge, Amped Up, Surge, Stimhack; but really, who needs to access that many cards in R&D. =)

15 Feb 2015 Dydra

How do you not die to snare or Jinteki PE?

15 Feb 2015 CrimsonWraith

Ideally, against PE, I aim to have no less than 6 cards in hand for the R&D run with at least one of them being I've Had Worse, that should do the trick.

16 Feb 2015 GMan

Love the deck idea, but everyone's running Crisium Grid these days. Can you really manage two runs in one turn?

16 Feb 2015 GMan

Hmm, upon careful reading it looks like Medium will still let you access extra cards - just 1 less since you don't get a new token.

Is that correct? I'd always had the impression that Crisium shut down multi-access completely.

16 Feb 2015 CrimsonWraith

Fortunately, Crisium Grid has little to no effect on this deck. ;)

You're correct in your second post, Crisium Grid disables the when successful counter for Medium, but has no effect on the additional accesses for Mediums already loaded w/counters via Hivemind (because those are enabled by accessing a card in R&D, not a successful run on R&D).

16 Feb 2015 Ghandian

So after playing about 12 games with this deck (8 or 9 practice, 3 actual games against friends) I can say that this deck is stupid strong - I love it!

The first two matches were against GRNDL and the first game needed the full-rig/combo to win, the other time he tried to outrace me and left RnD wide open, so I simply dug for 8 cards on turn 4 and scored 2x 5/3s and a Government Takeover :P

The other game was against a Argus deck that ran 3/1s (Jinteki PE style), and even though it took the entire rig/combo, 13 credits ( he had 5 ice on RnD and a 1 BP), and Quetz's ability (leaving me totally broke after getting into his server); I still managed to win the game.

This deck is really good, and it's made even better by the fact that nobody runs the counters since they're complete dead draws in almost all other matchups.