No Sleep Repman (Atman Nasir primer / guide)

CrusNB 8

I copied this deck from Contrasts Deck.

I really recommend his guide, it is awesome.

You find it here:

The original deck is very depending on Datasuckers; and i was thinking about how to make it a bit more easier to play against high strength-Ice.

Order & Chaos is on the way and has high-strength-ice, that is (when advanced) easy to rez (bad for Nasir) and D4v1d can deal with that if needed.

I get the influence by swap Cyberfeeder for Omni-Drive. Omni-Drive get us the credits from Cyberfeeder and saves the MU, so we have more flexibility with programs.

The Toolbox gives us currencing credits, MU and Links which is nice, so i stay with it.

With D4v1d, Omni-Drive and Atman there is a need for Scavenge, so i swap this with Net Celebrity.