Starter deck: Neel's server farm

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ycombinator 776

A beginner deck for a friend who only has O&C and Core.

You should be in the money, and able to make tons of remote servers. You can protect the Melange Mining Corp.s, but aside from that, you probably don't need to protect any of them. The Project Junebugs are there to trap the runner. You're running mostly 5/3 agendas, that require "install, advance, advance". Get one of them scored in a protected remote, then throw a Project Junebug in there with two advancements as well. The runner will have a very nice surprise.

Aggressively play remote servers. Either they'll get you money, or they'll tax the runner. Remember that your ID ability makes it even more taxing!

For advanced points, play The Board.

3 Feb 2015 disguise117

This seems like a nice deck for a beginner. The only thing I'm not sure about is The Board. It's a very high risk card indeed.

I wonder if a Scorched Earth or two wouldn't be out of place given that you have Snare! for tagging. Having some sort of tag punishment around keeps opponents honest and forces them to clear tags.

3 Feb 2015 ycombinator

@disguise117: Agreed on The Board. I wanted to put it in there because I think it will generate swings that are exciting. A part of a beginner deck, for me, is creating not only a good-ish deck, but also one that will have a lot of swings for excitement. That's the only reason the Snare!s and The Board are in there.

Scorched Earth is great. However, I wanted to differentiate this deck from a tag 'n bag deck I made Neel's friend to show that Wayland has more than a couple tricks. That said, as you say, with Snare! in there, there should be Scorched Earth if optimizing for competitiveness.

Thanks for the comment!!!