Infinite Perfection

ende23r 44

I couldn't figure out whether this would work better in Jinteki: Replicating Perfection or the upcoming Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions. The essential goal is to get a Dedicated Response Team or two installed, and then start a Manhunt. As soon as the runner takes the tag, rez it after they have no choice but to continue the run. Remember to wait to rez your assets until they are most valuable.

The ice is punishing but does not end the run because we want our suite of assets to protect itself. Maybe they have just enough to trash that PAD Campaign but you have enough to rez Hostile Infrastructure. Will they go for it? Either way they lose something. Because of this, the deck is definitely weak to the Master Gamer, Security Testing and potentially to Singularity.

Most of my wins with this archetype have come from baiting them into a Snare!, either in my hand or on the board. If you have a DRT still in play, that's 5 damage they were only somewhat expecting. While I admit that would be a perfect time to drop a Scorched Earth on them, I'm out of influence.