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CodeMarvelous 19787

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So here is a green FA deck that I am playtesting. Lots of advance ice with ways to move them around and use them.

Satellite grid helps this deck get off the ground tremendously and both Pop Up and Mark Yale act as great sources of supplemental income.

Get the atlas train going. ToL an atlas make money, install ice, advance ice, when you see the next ToL or atlas, immediately use the atlas counter to get the other piece of the combo.

Reclamation order shines to help you get back a batch of ToL.

I am very excited for this deck, it plays like a purple deck but without the need for any remotes so you don’t need high ice density.

29 Jan 2015 cranked

Nice deck! I think Titan FA could be a real threat. Couple questions:

  1. How do you plan on dealing with Eater/Keyhole if they become a big deal? I suppose you could try to tax them out with all the big ice, but I don't know how sustainable that is. I would suggest Crisium Grid, but that won't work alongside Satellite Grid. Maybe Will o' the Wisp?

  2. How has Constellation Protocol worked out for you? The only real use I could see for it is making sure that you keep an even number of advancement tokens on your ice for ToL purposes.

  3. 3 High-Risk Investments? I like them in Titan too, but I feel like scoring them may be tough most of the time. Plus, the money from Fracking out of Titan just feels too good to pass up for me.

29 Jan 2015 hi_impact

Let me know how Satellite Grid works out. It seems not so good to me. I'd rather have more Kaguyas and Builders, because you go all in on the advancable ice.

29 Jan 2015 yung_zoloft

@cranked I'm assuming the 3x HRI and the 1x GTF are not ever meant to be scored. The win con is 3 Atlases and 1 Firmware Updates all scored out of hand with ToL. The rest are just space fillers.

29 Jan 2015 yung_zoloft

I'm curious though, what's your plan if an Atlas gets stolen? Try to score out in a remote the old fashioned way? Double ToL a Fracking?

29 Jan 2015 CodeMarvelous

@cranked I am testing the constellations are for moving stuff for commercialization and trick of light.

eater is just taxed out and hope for the best

@scourged Satellite grid i wanted to test and not dismiss automatically cuz i feel like i could really hurt for money in the early game without that early discount.

@yung_zoloft if an atlas gets stolen I go for the double tol or start building a remote.

30 Jan 2015 Badeesh

Good job this looks really great. Sadly it's another great archetype that will get smashed by clot.

30 Jan 2015 vesper

I love that Atlas-trains are actually a thing now. Thank you for putting this list together, looks very interesting :-)

30 Jan 2015 Pyjam

@CodeMarvelous : From my long experience with my own Titan deck (Space Train), the best way to deal with the stealing of one Atlas is to anticipate, and to score an agenda early without a ToL. Because it happens arround half of the time.

It's for this reason that I play almost only binary ices (including Paper Wal) and space ices.

From my own experience, trying to build a remote while the Runner is installed is expensive and works very very rarely, but maybe it works better with your deck.

30 Jan 2015 CodeMarvelous

@Pyjam what binary ices do you use to support the space ice?

30 Jan 2015 Pyjam

@CodeMarvelous : the full deck is here : netrunnerdb.com

30 Jan 2015 CodeMarvelous

Thanks, i dont know if i would risk the NAPD these days unless you need that cost to set up a midseason.

30 Jan 2015 Pyjam

@CodeMarvelous : You're welcome. Either I score NAPD early or I don't score it at all (or very rarely). If I'm forced to use two ToL for a 4/2, it's for Geothermal Fracking.

30 Jan 2015 ItJustGotRielle

I'm surprised you didn't opt for at least a one-of Lycan, it has such awesome versatility with Satellite Grid. A destroyer code gate with no advancements and no bad publicity- it doesn't give a tell of being something suspicious when unrezzed.

Also, what is your approach to OaC cards like Eater or Kim/Wanton, or Clot?

30 Jan 2015 Pyjam

I suppose that you need a remote or you won't be able to score Firmware Updates or High-Risk Investment.

I don't play Mark Yale because I don't see what agenda counter I would like to sell. I think that each of them has more value if not sold.

30 Jan 2015 CodeMarvelous

@Pyjam I use mark yale cuz he gives me one just for using them

30 Jan 2015 Pyjam

Excuse me, you mean 1 credit for 1 counter and that's all? If that's all, Beanstalk is a better affair.

30 Jan 2015 CodeMarvelous

@Pyjam except i can pawn them for two if i need it and its something else for them to trash. I dunno I am by no means an expect on this deck type yet but I am trying it out

30 Jan 2015 CodeMarvelous

@Pyjam if i just count the atlas counters I am netting two credits plus if i trash it the turn I need to win the game thats a net of 4 with the option to have more money if i score a firmware and use all its counters.

30 Jan 2015 gawbo005

@scourged Satelite Grid is an amazing way to get the new advanceible ice out real cheap. the biggest thing to go for is not expecting to get them out for free. What I will do is res satelite grid, install ice and advance 1. I am usually more then happy to spend 3 for a str 5-7 piece of ice that can typically end the run

31 Jan 2015 locusshifter

@CodeMarvelous risk an NAPD? Why not?

1 Feb 2015 SlayerCNV

Nebula is the worst ice in O&C. I'd change a lot the ices. I'd cut totally the nebulas for 2 Errand Boy[Grim](/en/card/04020) and i'd add a Fire Wall.

I ran a deck a bit different than yours and i love it. Here's the list:(just published it for you, so see it! :D)


1 Feb 2015 thebriarfox

Random Thought.... ....Matrix Analyzer?

2 Feb 2015 Dydra

How do you FA the 5/3 exactly?

2 Feb 2015 Pyjam

@Dydra : the 5/3 are caviar for the runner. ;0)

3 Feb 2015 Shulmey

I have a similar deck I've been testing out, and Hostile Takeover is phenomenal in it. It gets an agenda counter on it that's worth an extra 2 credits once you have Mark Yale out. It also lets me run an Archer, which can potentially open a scoring window for High-Risk Investment all by itself.

3 Feb 2015 tuism

If you're running a full central protection strategy, wouldn't Space Camp for Archives be better (for all cases except the criminal niche of Sneakdoor and Security Testing) than trying to ICE that too? Go the Tenin route :)

3 Feb 2015 tuism

Also, constellation protocol seems like almost just a way to waste the runner's money, as you're probably not going to protect it. So it might be worth replacing with Space Camp to free up archive protection. Then maaaaybe subliminal messaging. Not sure if worth it but it's an option.

3 Feb 2015 Contrapulator

@Shulmey Just to clarify, the bonus 1 from Mark Yale's first ability means you actually gain 3 when you spend any agenda counter with his second ability. That's a 10 Hostile Takeover!