Just Ice & Agendas 2: This Time, It's Not Just Ice & Agendas

LSK 4622

This deck is crazy. I've deviated just a bit from the deck's mission statement but it makes the deck click. I went 4-1 in games with this today at the local store between rounds. It blows my mind every time I play this and it actually functions, because BY ALL LOGICAL REASONING THIS DECK SHOULD BE A STEAMING HEAP.

Worried about economy? It's not even a big deal - you're scoring Gila Hands on your second turn. Miss that opportunity? 13 of your pieces of ice can generate money on your opponent's turn, either via giving your credits or by installing cards. I guess we probably shouldn't count Archer in that, since the runner isn't going to give you money with it more than once.

This deck can also fire off Accelerated Beta Tests every time, which is really the best part. With ABT and other effects, the deck can build a scoring server blisteringly quickly. There's enough ways to install ice without paying the cost that you're probably going to get at least one free install on a huge server, and the servers get nauseatingly expensive to break. It's beautiful.

The way you play this deck, in short:

  • Turn 1: Gila Hands Arcology, ABT, or Melange, covered with an ETR ice. Put a second piece of ice somewhere.
  • Turn 2: Score your agenda or click Melange.

Subsequent turns: CRAZY THINGS.

17 Jan 2015 Softman25

My god I want to try this

17 Jan 2015 Xenoman

If you're running the NEXT suite of ICE, maybe swap something out for Mother Goddess?

I just might try this out. Looks like too much fun.

17 Jan 2015 LSK

Mother Goddess was in an early draft of this deck but it got cut because it's not that remarkable. I don't want to play a piece of ice that's not great at taxing just to make some of my other ice a bit better at taxing.

18 Jan 2015 Fabregus

Very nice, i am testing it now! Doesn't it need Jackson Howard or Archived Memories though?

18 Jan 2015 Shishu

I wonder if you could swap out some of the out of faction ice and switch the ID to NEXT Design: Guarding the Net? Or is ETF's ability too key for the econ?

18 Jan 2015 Fabregus

In my opinion it's only playable with HB ETF.

18 Jan 2015 LSK

You don't need Jackson Howard or Archived Memories, really; you can give up a few agenda points that hit archives. And you do have Vitruvius.

18 Jan 2015 Fabregus

yeah overscoring Vitruvius is propably the best move against Noise.

18 Jan 2015 LSK

Also note that Architect can remove agendas from your archives.

19 Jan 2015 Dydra

Back to the basics :) I like it :)

19 Jan 2015 Rangor

What ICE is "ETR" Ice?

19 Jan 2015 Oisin

@Rangor ETR stands for End the Run.

19 Jan 2015 PaxCecilia

Sweet merciful god.

19 Jan 2015 Fabregus

Just a heads up. Don't ΑΒΤ if not necessary.

19 Jan 2015 ttsgosadow

Fun deck! Really back to basics. Reminds me of the old days when you where playing with just a base set, but then with more empowered ICE. Don't think this will hold up in a competative envirenmond. But loved to see the runner eating an Archer, which he sure didnt expect in HB!

19 Jan 2015 pants on head

If only Midway Station Grid wasn't 4 influence...

19 Jan 2015 razhemnet

Tried this deck a couple of times. First was a swift loss without being able to score a gila. Second game though was pure beauty, had 7 ice deep, HQ, 6 ice deep R&D and 5 ice deep archives with 2 remotes 2 ice deep (Sillhoute with only central breakers using Quest Complete). Everything was getting soooo horribly expensive for him that full turns were just him clicking for Mopus money and he could easily blow 40 credits on 3 runs. That he took a long time to get his extra mem and cod breaker certainly didn't help, but hot damn it was incredible when the behemoth gets it's groove. But yeah, scored a relatively quick gila and it's really the decks engine. Melange came in late but certainly was well received.

20 Jan 2015 dodgepong

I am absolutely trying this.

20 Jan 2015 Superduck

It's a very nice deck. I even change Peak Efficiency to Howard for Noise. It still works very nice.

20 Jan 2015 Circadia

Love the Dangeresque reference. Love the deck. I feel like an early Inside Job would make you very sad though.

20 Jan 2015 LSK

Can confirm, the 1 loss was to a first-turn Inside Job. Mostly this deck relies on the general absence of Inside Job from the meta to avoid getting its first-turn agenda sniped.

20 Jan 2015 Orfeo42
20 Jan 2015 dodgepong

The point is to get an explosive start on turn 2 behind an ETR. Shell Corp is slow, Melange is not.

20 Jan 2015 razhemnet

Well, not just Inside Job, an account Syphon play when you don't have any real ETR ice can screw you over (I muliganed into an Arquitect and Pop-Up which was a problem early and in my second game, getting a paper wall made all the difference). Also, I've been thinking that maybe a single copy of Shoo the Moon as Tag punishment would be rad for those dicks that think they can float all the tags in the world against this deck. Not so sure what I'd drop for it though, Wendigo, Archer and Caduceus all have their charm.

22 Jan 2015 Firedamaged

I think the name of this deck should be changed to "Ice Ice HB" :P

22 Jan 2015 Anima

That is both a terrible pun, and something I absolutely support, Firedamaged.

22 Jan 2015 dodgepong

I went 1-4 with this deck over the last couple days. Definitely a fun deck but even with lots of ICE rezzed, runners seemed to still be able to get in pretty well. The one win was to someone who faceplanted into an Archer, and only had Rex for a remote decoder, so I just stacked code gates on my scoring server.

Scoring Eden Fragment seems to be pretty crucial to maintaining ICE tempo, so not having a solid window to score it in kinda stinks. It also didn't help on two different games, my opening ABT only got 1 ICE each and gave up at least 2 points of agendas. Alas!

26 Jan 2015 Vanadium

Care to take a stab at the runner equivalent? Just Breakers and Economy 2: Electric Boogaloo

26 Jan 2015 Zeromus

Played this deck a few times. It is pretty fun, no doubt. No Jackson meant certain death against Noise, though.

26 Jan 2015 wily-odysseus

Played a game with this last night and had a blast. Even never managing to score a Gila (first one stolen, other two buried at the bottom) I managed to stack up some insane servers.

27 Jan 2015 benhosp

No Pup?

27 Jan 2015 moistloaf

I'm with @dodgepong; I've done nothing but lose with this deck. It is not a reliable deck and I wouldn't consider it very playable. You lose to Inside Job. You lose to Parasite. You lose if your Gila gets stolen or if you don't see Melange early.

23 Mar 2015 HollowsHeart

I feel like Edge of World could do some good work in this deck.

16 Apr 2015 pillowdemon

I see that the Domestic Sleepers act as a secondary win condition with 6pts on the table while also enabling Archer rez, but have you considered swapping out maybe two copies (perhaps in exchange for NAPD Contract, leaving room for another cardslot) for Bifrost Array?

Just to fire ABT more.

mua ha ha

6 Dec 2015 hayliekwon

This deck is really easy to play and fun! Clean loss first run but second run, my opponent was overwhelmed with my ice fortress!!! 1 loss 1 win so far but definitely keeping this deck.